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Watch Paul McCartney hypnotize Emma Stone in his new video for "Who Cares"

Credit: Eric LucAfter initially being available exclusively on Apple Music, Paul McCartney's new "Who Cares" video, co-starring Oscar-winning actress Emma Stone, can now be viewed on YouTube and other media outlets.

As the clip begins, we see Stone holding a newspaper over her head as she enters a building on a rainy day. She then walks up to a door with a sign that reads: "Dr. Lorenz, Behavioral Hypnotist, Meteorologist." When she enters the room, she meets the doctor -- portrayed by McCartney -- who begins to chat with her.

Sir Paul comments, "It's a bit unruly here. But so it goes. Disorder. Out of order. Order out of disorder. It all gets a bit chaotic sometimes, doesn't it? But clearly I can see I don't have to tell you that."

McCartney then asks a tense-looking Stone if she's nervous, anxious and skeptical about the impending treatment. "Yes," she says, adding, "If I bark like a dog every time someone says cat I won't be very pleased."

Paul then opens a box featuring spinning disc and tells her to look at it while counting down from 10. We hear "Who Cares" fading in as, suddenly, Emma appears in a cartoonish dream world wearing harlequin makeup and an orange wig, where she's harassed by a group of mime-like dancers.

In various scenes, the dancers jump into Stone's ears, throw knives at her while she's strapped to a circular board, chase her as she drives with McCartney in a cardboard car, and crowd into an elevator with her.

Emma eventually spits the dancers out of her mouth and blows them away.

She then wakes up in an empty room, with a note the doctor placed on her newspaper telling her not to forget her umbrella.

"Who Cares" appears on McCartney's latest studio album, Egypt Station.

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