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The Kinks' Dave Davies says band's classic holiday song "Father Christmas" is "very special to me"

Credit: Steve HocksteinIn 1977, The Kinks released their memorable classic-rock holiday song, "Father Christmas," a wickedly funny and dark tune about a department store Santa Claus who gets mugged by a gang of poor kids who just want money, not toys. The band's lead guitarist, Dave Davies, tells ABC Radio that he always liked the song, which was written by his brother, Kinks frontman Ray Davies.

"It was a lot of fun," says Dave. "I even do it in my own [solo] set sometimes. It's a very funny song."

The Rock & Roll Hall of Famer adds that "'Father Christmas' is very special to me, 'cause [it was] an opportunity to put interesting guitar parts in there…guitar riffs that [I think] sound great." In addition, he says he likes the "little Christmas-y chimes and stuff," which he maintains are "all a part of the theater" of the tune.

Dave also notes that he appreciates the message of the song, which comments on the disparity between society's haves and have-nots during the holiday season.

"In the old days people would just wrap something up they made in a piece of paper [to give as a Christmas gift]," Davies muses. "What's wrong with that? You know, why does it got to be so classified and commercialized when, you know, there are really very tender emotions that fly around at Christmas."

Released as a single in November of 1977, "Father Christmas" arrived during the height of punk rock, and certainly exudes a punk attitude.

Dave tells ABC Radio that he "always thought The Ramones would do a great version of it. I don't know why they didn't do it."

The track wasn't initially released on a Kinks studio album, but is available now on some of the band's compilations.

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