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Keith Urban gives a tour of heated New Year's Eve stage

ABC/Image Group LAKeith Urban will return as headliner for the third consecutive year as part of Nashville's New Year's Eve celebration tonight. A seasoned pro, the singer knows how to keep warm for an outdoor performance.  A new video clip shares his latest addition: a heated stage.

"We have just showed up for soundcheck for the massive New Year's Eve show," Keith says in an Instagram video. "It's a free show by the way, so come on down. Tons of people playing."

Last year, Keith learned the difficulties of playing an outdoor show in the middle of winter so he's made a few changes to his setup in 2018.

"The stage is heated like a mofo. It's like the Sahara desert up here. It's amazing," he shares.

"These huge vents right under here, I swear it's like 120 degrees. It's insane!" Keith raves. "We learned that from last year when it wasn't so much a gig, it was a dare. It was arctic. So we fixed that. It's going to be an amazing night of weather. Beautiful and warm so come on down."

The free New Year's Eve show will be held at Nashville's Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park. 

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