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Bastille's next album "Doom Days" is about band's "grimy" nightlife

ABC/Randy HolmesToday, Bastille releases the fourth entry in the band's ongoing Other People's Heartache mixtape series, featuring the new single "Grip." In addition to that project, the "Pompeii" artists have also been working on a new album, the follow-up to 2016's Wild World. Speaking with ABC Radio, frontman Dan Smith reveals the status of the album, titled Doom Days.

"The new album is, a bit like with all of our projects, we think it's finished, and then I decide to change everything and add songs and take songs off and rewrite songs," Smith says.

While Doom Days is still a work in progress, Smith does have the album's concept nailed down. It begins with the previously released single "Quarter Past Midnight," and tells the story of one night that begins at, you guessed it, a quarter past midnight.

"It's essentially the story of a night, and it's about escapism, and trying to escape problems in your relationships and problems that you see of the world via the TV, and it's about trying to lose yourself in the nighttime in this different space that exists," Smith explains.

Smith describes Doom Days as an "apocalyptic party album" that also has a personal aspect to it.

"If we were gonna make a 'party record,' quote-unquote, it needed to feel like our lives, and our lives aren't popping champagne bottles and going to the club, it's like house parties, and it's being on the tour bus," says Smith.

"It's kinda grimy, and it's quite British," he adds. "So hopefully we've kind of captured that." 

Doom Days is due out in 2019.

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