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Eminem teases profanity-laden "River" video, co-starring Ed Sheeran 

Craig McDean"Unhappy Valentine's Day!" is how Eminem captions a teaser for his latest video, "River." The clip, which also features Ed Sheeran, arrives this Wednesday on Valentine's Day, but the video is far from romantic: It depicts a young couple in a broken relationship.

The profanity-laden clip shows the couple fighting with one another. In one scene, you can hear Ed's voice asking the female half of the couple, "How would you describe your relationship with men?" In another scene, the male half of the couple says, "You know, she broke my heart. I think I broke hers too."

Then Eminem himself is shown sitting alone in a room with a microphone hanging over his head, as someone off-camera asks him, "What does love mean to you?" Em looks like he wants to kill someone, and then says, "My personal life is not exactly a highlight reel."

We then see Ed saying, "If you don't have the trust element, you're f****d."

The song itself is about a girl who tries to get revenge on her cheating boyfriend by cheating on him with another man, which results in an unwanted pregnancy.

You can check out the entire video for "River" on Wednesday. The track appears on Eminem's latest album, Revival.  

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