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Pumpkins drama: D'arcy Wretzky says Billy Corgan rescinded offer to join reunion

Tony Mottram/Getty ImagesThe heavily rumored Smashing Pumpkins reunion is still unconfirmed, but we already have a heaping helping of drama. After revealing to BlastEcho that she won't be a part of the reunion, original member D'arcy Wretzky tells the same website that frontman Billy Corgan did ask her to be a part of the project, only to rescind that offer.

As Wretzky explains, Corgan offered her, guitarist James Iha and drummer Jimmy Chamberlin a contract, to which everyone agreed. A month later, Wretzky says, Corgan told her that the contract "wasn't a real offer," though she believes Iha and Chamberlin agreed to take part in the reunion under the terms of that contract.

Wretzky adds that all four original Pumpkins members had agreed to record a new song together with producer Rick Rubin. In January, Corgan posted an Instagram photo of himself alongside Iha and Chamberlin in a recording studio. Wretzky says it was that following weekend that she learned she wouldn't be a part of the reunion.

Wretzky left Smashing Pumpkins in 1999 and has mostly stayed out of the spotlight since. In 2016, Corgan said he was "back in contact" with Wretzky.

The official confirmation of the Smashing Pumpkins reunion plans is expected to come this Thursday, February 15 at noon ET when the countdown clock on the band's website expires.

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