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Jussie Smollett's new music video will "Catch Your Eye"

John Shearer/Getty Images via ABCJussie Smollett's vibrant new music video for his song "Catch Your Eye," which he directed, begins with the disclaimer, "The moment you lose your tribe...You lose yourself...."

The visual then segues into the story of a man and a woman in love. Swizz Beatz, whose vocals are also featured on the song, can be seen performing in the video.  

In a statement to Fader magazine, Jussie says of the visual, "The theme of this video, as is the theme of my album and every visual I do, is the deep, unapologetic love I have for my people."    

"I want to show beautiful black and brown folks just loving on each other from all walks of life. And I will show those different types of love every chance I get," he adds. 

"I'm in an industry that attempts to convince you that your conforming will somehow convert into success. I reject that as a false narrative."

Jussie explains, "I'm not really down to give up myself, my people or anything in between that I love...I hope that when people see it, they vibe out, enjoy the rhythm, while finding a way to look deeper." 

Fans can view the entire "Catch Your Eye" video on YouTube now. 

The track is the second single from Jussie's forthcoming debut album, Sum of My Music, which arrives everywhere March 2.  

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