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Travis Greene says his upcoming tour will be "a collision" of "presence, power, passion and energy"

Christian LantryTravis Greene, whose single "You Waited," is currently a fan favorite, is gearing up for the first leg of his The Crossover Live tour, which kicks off February 18 in Detroit. 

He tells ABC Radio that he's "really excited" about hitting the road soon.

"It's gonna be energetic," he says of the tour. "And...I try to marry kind of two different worlds that typically don't collide. So on the album [Crossover: Live from Music City], it was kind of the marriage of mainstream production and live energy of a gospel concert." 

"With the tour, it's another collision. This time I think we're trying to collide what we do live...there's a big emphasis on presence, power, passion, energy. You're gonna get that when you come to one of my concerts."

He adds, "I wanna give you the feel that you would get at a mainstream concert. You're gonna have that along with just crazy production. So we're talking LED screens, we're talking lights, videos and all of those things." 

One fellow artist Travis says he took inspiration from when it comes to putting on a great live show is Bruno Mars.

"I went to a Bruno concert in L.A. and I was like, 'Man, I would love to see this happen in my genre,'" he explains. "And so, we're gonna do that. It's gonna be kind of larger than life and get people an experience that they can walk away from and feel like, 'Man...I'm inspired by that.' Because that's what happened to me when I was a kid."

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