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Halsey to voice Wonder Woman in upcoming animated film "Teen Titans GO! To The Movies" 

Zoey GrossmanHalsey may be "Bad at Love," but she's apparently good at being a superhero.

USA Today reports that the "Him & I" singer has been cast  in the forthcoming animated filmTeen Titans GO! To The Movies, headed to theaters July 27. She'll voice Wonder Woman in the movie, which is based on the popular Cartoon Network series, Teen Titans GO!

The cast also includes rapper Lil Yachty as the voice of Green Lantern, and Nicolas Cage as the voice of Superman.  Cage is a massive Superman fan and even named his son Kal-El, which, as all comics fans know, is the Man of Steel's Kryptonian birth name.

According to USA Today, in the movie, the characters Robin, Starfire, Raven, Cyborg and Beast Boy look for a Hollywood director, voiced by Kristen Bell, so she can make them stars.

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