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Taylor Swift shares dance rehearsal footage from "Delicate" video 

BMLG/Mert & MarcusAll those goofy dance moves that Taylor Swift shows off in the video for "Delicate" weren't spontaneous: They were all carefully choreographed.  How do we know?  Because Taylor's just shared video online of her rehearsing all her moves.

Taylor posted two videos on Instagram showing her rehearsing her moves in a dance studio, side-by-side with the finished sequence in the clip. In the first one, we see her working out the routine she performs in the hotel lobby, including the part where she does that gorilla-type move, and dances on the reception desk.

In the second one, we see her rehearsing the scene where she dances in the subway station, into the subway car, and then out into the rainy street, right up to the point where she does a split on the hood of a car.

Taylor's Reputation tour kicks off in May; perhaps she'll repeat some of the "Delicate" choreography onstage while performing that number.

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