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Andy Grammer kicks off "The Good Parts" tour tonight, feels "lucky and blessed" to play new songs for fans 

Joseph LlanesTonight in San Francisco, Andy Grammer kicks off his tour in support of his new album The Good Parts.  He says getting the chance to play his new songs live is the reason he spends all that time writing them.

"There's a bunch of 'em that feel like they're gonna come across really well live," he told ABC Radio of his new songs. "It's really what gets me psyched. I feel so lucky and blessed -- I don't know if that sounds pretentious, but I just go on tour. I feel like all these new songs that are so soul-filled is gonna be really fun."

While Andy is psyched to play songs like his latest single "Smoke Clears," his fans also want to hear songs like "Keep Your Head Up" and "Honey I'm Good." That why it takes some skill to craft a set list.

"I really do think the new ones are so good, so how do you make them as entertaining as the old ones?  And then you go after making them as entertaining, and then you decide which ones to cut," he says.

"Definitely there's hits that you have to play, so that's for sure you can take those seven songs that've all been on the radio and you're like, 'These are gonna be in,'" he explains. "The question is, does the one that wasn't on the radio from the first album beat the new one that wasn't on the radio of the third album?"

"That's where it's gonna be fun, to kinda figure it out," he adds. "...I have blocks [where] the songs go together, and I kinda call audibles in between those blocks. And it's time to make some new blocks!"  

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