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"I'm always going to do something that isn't what you expected": Why Devin Dawson shot a romantic music video in prison

ABC/Image Group LAYou wouldn’t typically think of an abandoned prison as the ideal spot to shoot a romantic music video.

But for Devin Dawson, the Tennessee State Prison fit the greyscale treatment he had in mind for his breakthrough hit, “All on Me.”

“I'm all about contrasts,” the California native tells ABC Radio. “I have an aesthetic that I'm obsessed with black and white and monochrome. And I wanted to do something interesting with the video that maybe you weren't thinking of. I'm always going to do something that isn't what you expected, hopefully.”

The lead single from the Dark Horse album has also turned out to be Devin’s first top-five country hit.

“You know the song is like, when the world gets you down, I'll be there for you,” he explains. “So [it’s] kinda this apocalyptic setting of the end of the world and this guy and this girl.”

“There's three characters:  me, a girl, and the prison,” he continues. “The prison is a character in and of itself. And director Justin Clough did an amazing job kind of mirroring that with this upbeat love song. And they just work really well together I think.” 

If you haven’t seen the “All on Me” video, you can check it out on YouTube.

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