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Rod Stewart says musicians announcing their retirement is "dishonest" and "not rock 'n roll" 

Charles Sykes/BravoIn a recent interview, Rod Stewart said he teased his friend Elton John for announcing that his upcoming tour will be his last and that he's retiring from the road.  Now, Rod is taking it a step further, branding retirement announcements as "dishonest."

Appearing Wednesday night on Watch What Happens Live! with his summer tour mate, Cyndi Lauper, Rod was asked by a caller what he thought of Elton's farewell tour announcement.  After reiterating that he'd teased Elton about it, Rod then got serious.

"I've never spoken about retirement, and if I do retire, I won't make an announcement, I'll just fade away," he told host Andy Cohen, adding disgustedly, "[Making] this big deal -- 'I'm going to retire' -- it so stinks of selling tickets."

Then, when Cyndi jokingly suggested that she and Rod pretend they're retiring in order to boost ticket sales, Rod really slammed the concept.

"It's dishonest," he said. "It's not rock and roll."  Wonder how that'll go over with Elton?

Rod's currently touring Canada.  His summer tour with Cyndi kicks off June 25 at the Hollywood Bowl.

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