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"Woman, Amen": Dierks Bentley credits his wife Cassidy for "helping me be the man that I am"

ABC/Image Group LADierks Bentley penned his latest top ten hit, "Woman, Amen," with Josh Kerr, one of the co-writers behind his 2014 #1, "Drunk on a Plane."

"Josh... brought that idea to me," Dierks recalls, "And I heard it, and I just thought, 'I don't know what that is, but I love what it says.'"

"The same thing when I heard 'Drunk on a Plane.' I was like, 'I love drinking, I love planes,'" he laughs. "I don't know what this song is, but we need to write it!' And it was that same thing... It just felt different, which is what I'm always trying to find. I love songs that just have some sort of different take on stuff."

In the end, Dierks admits "Woman, Amen" perfectly describes how he feels about his wife Cassidy.

"I'm more grateful for her every year that this goes on. When I first got married twelve years ago, I think that year, the bus was out at least 300 days," he explains. "And I was just shooting from the hip. I mean, I was like, 'We're getting married!' I proposed in Las Vegas, and three days later, we went down to Mexico and got married. And I was back on the road like five days later. It was just so crazy."

"And the more life goes on, we just grow closer and closer," Dierks admits. "And I'm more grateful to her, for kinda steering me through a lot. You know, I'm still caught up in the music and the road. And just helping me be the man that I am."

"Woman, Amen" is the lead single from Dierks' tenth album, The Mountain, which is set to arrive June 8.

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