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Braspberries are becoming a thing thanks to Justin Timberlake

Driscoll'sThanks to Justin Timberlake, the "braspberry" craze is really taking off.

The fruit company Driscoll’s has started packaging the berry mash-up – a blueberry stuffed inside a raspberry – for promotional purposes, but they hope to have them in stores soon.

“New berry launch!” the company posted on Instagram, along with a photo of a package of braspberries. “Fresh from the farm, #Braspberries are an out of this world flavor combination! @justintimberlake, be on the lookout in a grocery store near you.”

Justin ignited the braspberry craze back in December of last year when he posted about the snack on his Instagram. Then, he incorporated his “invention” in the latest ad for Bai beverages, for which he serves as a spokesperson.

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