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Rising British artist Yungblud loves the new Arctic Monkeys record, isn't interested in the Royal Wedding 

Rick Kern/WireImageIt's a good time to be Yungblud. The rising British artist, born Dominic Harrison, is gaining fans with his buzzy single "I Love You, Will You Marry Me," and one of his favorite bands, Arctic Monkeys, just released a new album, Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino.

"I love the new album!" Harrison tells ABC Radio. "Everyone's giving it hate, I'm just like, 'Of course [Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner's] not gonna be writing the same stuff as he was 10 years ago.'"

Harrison was a bit skeptical after his first listen, though.

"When I first heard it, I was like, 'Hang on a second, what is this? There's no chorus!'" he remembers. "But, I like it, man. It's a grower."

You can hear Arctic Monkeys' influence on "I Love You, Will You Marry Me," inspired by something that actually happened in the band's hometown of Sheffield, England. A homeless guy spray-painted that phrase on a building in Sheffield, but the graffiti was then appropriated for marketing purposes to redevelop the area.  Meanwhile, the guy who spray-painted the words remained homeless.

As Harrison explains, the spray-painter has actually reached out to him, and the musician is getting him tickets to his show in London May 30.

"I'd love to talk to him and get it from his perspective," Harrison says. "Obviously a myth...can be twisted and turned and stuff like that, and I'd love to speak to him about it. I think that's sick."

While it's exciting time for Yungblud, his home country is currently buzzing about something he's not all interested in: this Saturday's Royal Wedding.

"I think being British, it's weird," he says. "The whole world looks in, and we're just kinda like, 'Yeah, man, it just makes London really crowded for a day.'"

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