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How punk, a camping trip & the pursuit of fun led to Lamb of God's new covers album, "Legion: XX"

Credit: Travis ShinnLamb of God's covers album Legion: XX -- released under the band's original name, Burn the Priest -- arrives this Friday. The 10-track collection mostly pays tribute to the group's early punk influences, such as Bad Brains, The Accused and Cro-Mags.

"We tried to look at it as a lot of stuff that what we would've been listening to or would've influenced us at the time, when we were Burn the Priest," lead vocalist Randy Blythe tells ABC Radio.

In the case of their take on Bad Brains' "I Against I," Blythe and guitarist Mark Morton have had that tune in the back of their minds ever since a band camping trip during their early days.

"We were listening to that Bad Brains song, and I was singing it," Blythe remembers. "[Morton] was like, 'Man, you can sing that! We should cover that one day.'"

"That was 20 years ago," he laughs.

But not everything on Legion: XX is as important to Blythe's musical DNA as Bad Brains. For example, the album also includes a cover of Ministry's infamous, nonsensical song "Jesus Built My Hotrod." When Blythe learned the rest of Lamb of God wanted to do that song, he was less than enthused.

"I was like, 'That's crazy you guys would do that!' And then I started recording it with them, and it was so much fun!" he laughs. "I love it now! Even though it's completely and utterly moronic and about nothing."

"Fun" was the operative word for Blythe for this project. In fact, he says making Legion: XX was "the most fun I've ever had recording" with Lamb of God.

"It's so much less already know the song rules," he says of recording covers. "Now it's just up to you to do it justice."

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