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Taylor Swift is "so proud" of her "fuzzy daughters" and their "Deadpool 2" cameo 

Raymond Hall/GC ImagesIf your kids appeared in the movie that was currently #1 at the box office, you'd be proud, right?  That's why Taylor Swift is pretty excited right now.

In the movie Deadpool 2, star Ryan Reynolds, a good friend of Taylor's, sports a shirt featuring a picture of Taylor's two cats, Meredith and Olivia.  The t-shirt says "Olivia & friends purrrr-ever."

Taylor posted a still from the movie on her Instagram story and wrote, "I'm so proud of my fuzzy daughters! Thanks @VanCityReynolds!"

Taylor also posted a video captioned "Telling Mer the news," in which she tells her cat, "In Deadpool 2, they put you and your sister on a shirt in the movie."  Meredith purrs loudly, which Taylor says means "she's really happy."  She captioned the video, "The purring is really next level. MEREDITH LOVES A CAMEO."

Then we see Olivia and hear Taylor saying, "How do you feel about the shirt?  The world is dying to know!"  When Olivia gives no response, Taylor asks, "No comment?"  The cat then walks out of the frame.  Taylor captioned that video "She's very private."

The nod to Taylor's cats may be a thank-you from Reynolds, after Taylor featured James, his baby daughter with wife Blake Lively, on her album Reputation.  You can hear her in the intro to the song "Gorgeous."

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