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Watch Now: Jon Pardi reveals the connection between Maren Morris' puppy and his mother 

CMAMaren Morris' bulldog puppy Pancake came to her from, of all places, Jon Pardi's mom, who's a dog breeder. According to Jon, it started out as a little fun project for her, but now it's taken over her life.

"Yes, my mom is obsessed with English bulldogs," he told ABC Radio backstage at CMA Fan Fest this past weekend. "It started off like, 'I'm gonna breed some bulldogs! It's gonna be fun!'  And it's turned into that now, she has six's crazy!"

Jon laughs, "They're like miniature cows running around that slobber and fart and snore. But they're cute!"

Unfortunately, Jon says that it's not so easy for fans to purchase puppies from his mother.

"Those things are expensive! And her latest batch was, like, really expensive!" Jon admits. "Everybody likes Pancake-style puppies: affordable, the traditional brown and white bulldog. So she's learned."

When he's not trying to avoid his mom's dog pack, Jon's been working on a new album, the follow-up to his hit 2016 project California Sunrise

"We are gonna record one more session, we're not done yet, we're taking our time -- but it will be next year, new music," Jon says. 

Until then, he plans to release one more single from California Sunrise to tide fans over.

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