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From Tonys to Tony: First look at Josh Groban's new Netflix show with "Mr. Charisma," Tony Danza

NetflixFresh off his hosting gig at the Tony Awards this weekend, Josh Groban is joining another Tony for a new Netflix series.

Groban and Tony Danza will debut their new 10-episode dramedy series, The Good Cop, on September 21. Danza plays Tony Sr., a former NYPD officer who never quite followed the rules. Josh plays his son, Tony Jr., a by-the-books NYPD detective who’s the complete opposite of his dad.

Father and son have an "odd couple" living situation, with Tony Jr. often seeking “street-wise advice” from his pops.

In a YouTube teaser for the show, the two sit on a couch with a yellow strip of police tape separating them. Josh’s character sports a suit and tie, while Danza’s is more laid-back in jeans and sneakers. The two don't speak in the clip, but laid-back Danza jostles straight-laced Groban a good bit, much to his chagrin.

"Our chemistry is amazing because we're supposed to be the odd couple father and son," Josh tells ABC Radio. "And we are so different in real life."

Josh laughs, "He's got stories for days, y'know, he's just Mr. Charisma. And I'm all just sitting there going, 'Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, yep!'"  

In addition to the Netflix show, Josh is cooking up some new music. Last week, he released a track called “Granted” from his upcoming, as-yet-untitled album. No word yet on a release date.

Josh's Bridges tour, with special guest Idina Menzel, kicks off in Duluth, Georgia on October 18. 

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