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Being a dad and a pop star makes Liam Payne feel like "Dada Montana"

ABC/Paula LoboBeing a young dad and a touring pop star can sometimes make Liam Payne feel like he’s living a double life -- kind of like Miley Cyrus in Hannah Montana.

“When I’m at home, I’m a dad. Then when I [work], I see all these crazy things. I’ve been going by Dada Montana,” Liam, 24, jokes to People magazine.

Liam’s son Bear, with ex Cheryl Cole, is 15 months old. The singer says it’s been hard being away from him while touring and recording his first solo album. Despite their recent breakup, Liam says he’s grateful to Cheryl for taking care of Bear while he’s away.

“Babies want their mom; I would never have wanted to get in the way of that,” he says. “It was actually easier to go out on the road just knowing he wanted his mom. Now he looks at me and points at me like, ‘Here’s this fun guy!’ He knows.”

Liam adds, “That makes me more upset now, leaving, because I know he’ll want to see me. But he’s not at the place yet where he’s crying when I leave; that’s gonna be absolute disaster. I’m not ready for that.”

But it seems Bear already has good taste in music. He's a fan of Liam’s new song, “Familiar,” with J Balvin.

“For me, I love making great music for my fans. But when you make something that your son loves, it’s the best thing ever,” Liam says.

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