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Kenny Chesney gets a million reminders why his fans love "Live in No Shoes Nation" 

Blue Chair/Columbia NashvilleJust as Kenny Chesney’s new album, Songs for the Saints, is selling big numbers in its first week of release, there’s even more good news for the “Get Along” hitmaker: His Live in No Shoes Nation collection has just been certified platinum, for sales of one million units.

Kenny hand-picked the 29 songs himself, from his extensive collection of recordings from his legendary live shows.

“When you get caught up in the moment, you have no way of really hearing how good the fans sound, or even really understanding how much these songs mean to them,” he explains. “But I hear it every night, and I am continually blown away.”

“As I was listening, I wanted No Shoes Nation to hear it, too…” he continues. “And I didn’t put this out worrying about how it sold, but letting the fans hear it, too. Turns out they like living the songs again every bit as much as I do.”

Live in No Shoes Nation was released nine months ago, as Kenny's final album for his longtime label, Columbia Nashville.

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