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Eddie Money and his kids are excited for more "Real Money"

Stewart Volland/AXS TV

Eddie Money's AXS TV reality series, Real Money, was recently renewed for a second season, and the veteran rocker says he couldn't be happier.

"I think the show's a lot of fun," Money tells ABC Radio, "and I want to thank [AXS TV owner] Mark Cuban for picking us up on the second season."

The series takes a candid, humorous look at the dysfunctional Money household, which also includes Eddie's wife, Laurie, and their five adult children: daughter Jesse and sons Zach, Dez, Julian and Joe. Jesse, Dez and Julian sometimes perform in their dad's touring band, which is the focus of many of the show's segments.

"It's a great show," Eddie declares. "It showcases my kids. I've got a very good-looking wife, I'm very happy to say. And the kids are very talented. Dez has got a band called Dez Money & the Faze, and Julian plays drums. And sometimes the kids play with me…And Jessica's a great singer, and she's got her own songs in her own right."

As for how his children feel about a second season of Real Money, Eddie says they're "very excited because…they like getting out there and entertaining…I'm very proud of the kids. They do a wonderful job there."

Money is also feeling good about the long-in-the-works studio album he's preparing to release, which he says is "really fantastic."

Eddie tells ABC Radio he's spent three or four years putting the album together, noting that "some of the songs are really, very, very amazing."

He adds that he's "probably happier with this record than any record" he's made since his hit 1982 album, No Control, or his 1977 self-titled debut. No title or release date for the new album has been announced yet.

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