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Rachel Platten's reaction to pregnancy body-shaming was a "wake-up call"

Erin Clark for The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Rachel Platten, who's expecting her first child, struck a chord with pregnant women everywhere recently when she wrote on Instagram that she cried after a friend said her "hips and butt look way bigger."  Rachel appeared on ABC's Good Morning America Wednesday to discuss pregnancy body image, telling ABC News she was glad to broach the subject.

"I get the opportunity to spread this message and hopefully open a few eyes and maybe expose a topic that's a little bit uncomfortable, that we can now have a little bit more clarity on," she told ABC News. "Because it's so sensitive and confusing."

Rachel admitted she was "a little bit disappointed" in herself because her friend's comment made her cry.

"I felt like, 'Rach, come on!  You are an example for women and girls to love themselves!'" she explained. "I felt a little ashamed that I was taking it so seriously. I felt like, 'I am being so mean to myself!  My body's doing an amazing thing!'"

It was difficult, Rachel says, to reconcile her reaction with her usual message of body positivity.

"It was a really important time for me to [ask], 'Am I going to treat myself like this the rest of this pregnancy  -- or is this gonna be a little bit of be a wake-up call for me to...actually practice what I've been sharing on social media about loving myself?" she told ABC News.

Having decided to do the latter, Rachel's now adamant that she's not going to be in any hurry to lose her baby weight.

"Hell no!" she said. "I am letting myself recover naturally and enjoy the time with my baby and people can, like, deal with it if I don't look the way they want me to look right away!" 

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