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With her tour over, Katy Perry can't wait to spend two hours at Trader Joe's

ABC/Craig SjodinKaty Perry's year-long Witness tour is over, and the singer says she can't wait to get back to normal life -- which includes friends, family and hours of grocery shopping.

In an exclusive interview with People, Katy says she's ready to "properly unplug" and spend time in her hometown of Santa Barbara, browsing the shelves of her favorite store.  "I love going to Trader Joe’s and walking down each aisle to catch up on the products since I’ve been gone,” she says. "I’ll literally be in there for two hours.”

But of course, in addition to buying Chicken Tikka Masala and peanut butter pretzels, Katy is also "looking forward to reconnecting with family and friends in person rather than via text."  Not on her list?  Hitting the club.

“I’d rather stay home and clean out my sock drawer than go to a party right now,” she says.

However, Katy is willing to get back on stage in a limited fashion.  She's headlining this weekend's KAABOO Music Festival in Del Mar, California, and says fans can expect "a whole new set, new costumes and larger than life drama!”

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