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Christina Aguilera weighs in on Lady Gaga's "Do What U Want": "Thank you...for doing the right thing!" 

Trae Patton/NBCIn all the controversy that resulted in Lady Gaga pulling her R. Kelly duet "Do What U Want" from streaming services, it's easy to forget that Gaga released another version of the same song as a duet with Christina Aguilera. Now, Christina is weighing in on the whole matter.

"Being a survivor of past predators myself, these lines spoke to me, which is why I did the song," wrote Christina on Twitter.  She also posted a photo of herself and Gaga performing the song together.

"I embrace all survivors of sexual and domestic violence and abuse holding a special place in my heart, and you, , for doing the right thing!" she continued.

"This is a reminder of women sticking together— and not letting a man take ownership of a great song/ moment...," Christina added. "And if anything, the message of this song remains that although you may have had my body, you will never have my heart, my voice my life or my mind."

As previously reported, earlier this week, following the airing of the Lifetime docuseries Surviving R. Kelly, which focused on Kelly's years-long alleged abuse of young women, Gaga pledged to pull "Do What U Want" from streaming platforms. 

In a lengthy statement, Gaga, a sexual assault victim herself, said that she did the duet because she wanted to do something "defiant" and "provocative," and she "still hadn't processed the trauma that occurred in my own life."

She apologized for her "poor judgment" and for "not speaking out sooner," and called the allegations against Kelly "horrifying" and "indefensible."

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