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Green Day selling guitars, drums kits, amps & more from personal collection

ABC/Heidi GutmanThe members of Green Day are parting ways with a few things in their collection. The punk trio is selling more than 100 pieces of gear through the online gear marketplace

Among the 44 guitars frontman Billie Joe Armstrong is putting up for sale include the Harmony Stella Parlor Acoustic Guitar he used to record the Dookie track "F.O.D.," and a reassembled 2011 TV Yellow Gibson Les Paul Junior Guitar, which he had smashed to pieces during a 2012 festival show in Las Vegas.

"Every guitar has its own character," says Armstrong. "Each one reflects who you are --- the kind of songwriter you are, the kind of guitar player that you are. Used guitars, in particular, come with a history to them."

"I love the character you can see looking at a fretboard that's been used," he continues. "After 30 years of collecting odds and ends and really good stuff...I have to sell some of it off."

Meanwhile, drummer Tre Cool will be selling a few of personal kits, including the one he played on the 21st Century Breakdown tour, while bassist Mike Dirnt will be selling amps and gear from his personal studio.

Also for sale are a number of speaker cabinets used on the Dookie and Insomniac tours, as well as during Green Day's mud-soaked 1994 Woodstock performance.

The online shop will launch February 7.

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