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Jason Aldean's wife Brittany opens up about their infertility struggles

ABC/Image Group LAAs Jason Aldean and his wife Brittany await the arrival of their second baby together, Brittany’s opening up about their struggles with infertility.

“Yesterday Jase and I passed the fertility center that was basically our second home for over a year and a half,” she shared on Instagram. “The memories came rushing back... so many smiles and so many tears during that time. Yes, there was loss but there was also success.”

Included with the post is a photo of Jason and Brittany’s first child, Memphis, who just turned one in December.

“As I look through these photos I can’t believe that we are about to have our second baby,” she continues. “WHAT A BLESSING.”

She adds: “Our hearts are so full and we are so excited but I wanted to take a second and say to the families/ladies that are praying for a child.. that would do ANYTHING to become pregnant... I understand your struggle and pray that you know you are not alone.”

Jason and Brittany’s daughter, whom they plan to name Navy Rome, is due sometime in February -- the same month Jason’s oldest daughter, Keeley, will turn sixteen. Her younger sister Kendyl is eleven. Both are from Jason’s previous marriage.

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