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Dustin Lynch has always had a good feeling about "Good Girl," even though it's not part of his "Current Mood"

ABC/Image Group LAFor Dustin Lynch, his #2 hit "Good Girl" was definitely an unexpected choice: It's not on his latest album, Current Mood, which had been out less than a year when he decided to release the new song. But Dustin says he always had a good feeling about "Good Girl."

"You know, that's a song that I've believed in since before we even had it finished, when we were writing it," he tells ABC Radio. "I just knew it had something special to it."

"So it's really cool to see that the world is embracing it, singing and dancing along every night," he adds. "I mean it's the coolest feeling in the world. It will never get old to me."

The finished recording of "Good Girl" even starts in an unexpected way.

"The way that song starts is a mistake that happened, because it's not in time," Dustin explains. "So it's a nightmare to do for TV and live."

"But of course we do it so much that now we have it down, but it's just something that accidentally showed up in the recording that was moved somewhere. And then it was like, 'Well that's kinda cool. Let's keep it!'" he laughs.  

Later this month, Dustin returns to his pal Luke Bryan's annual Crash My Playa vacation in the Caribbean. So far, he's played every year of the four-day getaway, which celebrates its fifth anniversary in 2019.

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