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10 years later, Lady Gaga finally joins YouTube's Billion Views Club

Paul Morigi/WireImageConsidering all the iconic videos that Lady Gaga has created over the years, it's astonishing that it's taken until now for one of them to rack up a billion views on YouTube.

According to the streaming platform, Gaga's 2009 video for her signature song "Bad Romance" has finally entered the Billion Views Club -- and it's her ONLY video that has reached that number. 

The video for Gaga's other signature tune, "Poker Face," isn't anywhere near a billion -- it's just over 568 million views. Her mini-movie for "Telephone," co-starring Beyonce, has even fewer views: 306 million.

Her epic clip for "Born This Way" only has 240 million views, while the video for her very first hit, "Just Dance," has just 250 million.

As for why "Bad Romance" is the Gaga video with the most views, perhaps it's because, compared to her other clips, it features iconic choreography like the Monster Claw dance, and iconic Gaga looks, like the "lobster claw" heels.

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