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Official 50th anniversary Woodstock festival taking place in Watkins Glen, NY, this August

Courtesy of Woodstock VenturesGet ready for three more days of Peace, Love & Music.

Michael Lang, co-producer and co-founder of the Woodstock Music & Arts Fair, has announced that an official 50th anniversary celebration of the historic 1969 festival, dubbed Woodstock 50, will take place August 16 to August 18 at Watkins Glen International race track in Watkins Glen, New York.

The news follows a recent announcement by Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, the venue located at the original Woodstock site, that it will host its own 50th anniversary event -- the Bethel Woods Music and Culture Festival -- over the same weekend.

"It's time to put the speculation to rest and officially announce that Woodstock 50 is happening," says Lang. "The original festival in '69 was a reaction by the youth of the time to the causes we felt compelled to fight for -- civil rights, women's rights, and the antiwar movement, and it gave way to our mission to share peace, love and music."

He adds, "Today, we're experiencing similar disconnects in our country, and one thing we've learned is that music has the power to bring people together. So, it's time to bring the Woodstock spirit back, get involved and make our voices heard."

Woodstock 50 will feature "an amazing lineup" that will be announced in the coming weeks.  It'll include over 60 artists from the worlds of rock, hip-hop, pop and country, performing on three main stages.

Lang notes, "It will be primarily contemporary talent, but the legacy acts will be represented and honored." The event also will showcase special collaborations and tribute performances.

Discounted pre-sale tickets will be made available to college students aged 18 to 25 by the end of January.

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