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Michael Bublé says he's "a little jealous" that he didn't write his latest hit: "It was such a genius song" 

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On his current tour, one of the songs Michael Bublé is performing from his new album, Love, is his current hit "Love You Anymore," co-written by Charlie Puth. One reason Michael says he thinks the song is "genius" is because it reminds him of ABBA -- but not in the way you might think.

"Love You Anymore" combines a bouncy melody with lyrics about a man who's trying to pretend that he's gotten over his ex, but really hasn't -- the kind of happy/sad song Michael thinks ABBA was especially good at.

"One of my favorite things about ABBA was the genius of Benny [Andersson] and them writing these songs that seemed like they were these wonderful, joyous melodies, but framed in this lyrical content that was really sad," Michael tells ABC Radio. 

"I think the dichotomy of that really works well in music," he adds. "And I thought ['Love You Anymore'] was such a genius song 'cause it frames it as this love song but really it's very sad, y'know?"

In fact, Michael says there are several songs like that on his album.

"At first listen, you think, 'Oh, this is just a love song, a throw-out love song,' and when you actually get into the lyrical content, you go, "Oh, there's more to it than that. There's more depth than that. There's more layers,'" he explains. "And that song 'Love You Anymore' is exactly that."

He laughs, "I'm grateful to Charlie Puth and I'm a little bit jealous -- 'cause I wish I would've written it."

You can hear Michael sing "Love You Anymore," and many others, on his current tour, which wraps up its first North American leg April 12.  He'll be back in July for more North American shows.

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