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"There Was This Girl," and this Alabama boy named Riley Green, who downplays his success but loves his family

Big MachineRight now, newcomer Riley Green is enjoying his first top-five hit with his debut single, "There Was This Girl."

He admits his success is quite an adjustment for his family, who live in the small college town of Jacksonville, Alabama.

"You know, going back home is funny," Riley says with a smile. "Like my grandmother -- she's still excited that the lady that works at Huddle House knows me, you know. So I mean, it's a different thing."

"We come from such a small town and none of us really imagined this was gonna happen," he adds, humbly. "It's not like I was just some amazing talent at music and we just knew I was gonna be a star."

Even though Riley downplays his own efforts, he says the love of the home folks has meant a lot to him.

"We kinda accidentally did a couple things right and here we are," he continues. "But they're super supportive. They came out and watched me at the Grand Ole Opry, and that was my check mark of approval from them."

He adds: "That was the most famous thing I coulda done. So it's really cool for them to share this journey with me."

Riley made his Opry debut back in December. He heads out on a World Tour with Brad Paisley next month.

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