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Disturbed raises awareness for addiction and depression with live video for "A Reason to Fight" 

Credit: Travis ShinnDisturbed has premiered a live video for "A Reason to Fight," a single off the band's new album, Evolution.

In the clip, streaming now on YouTube, frontman David Draiman addresses the crowd and asks them to raise their hands if they, or someone they know, has struggled with addiction or depression. Hands go up across the arena, and the four band members on stage also raise their hands.

"Take a look around this arena," Draiman says. "You are not alone. Being taken by addiction and depression is no one's fault. It’s not something for you to be embarrassed about or ashamed of. We're in this together."

The video, which lasts eight-and-a-half minutes, also includes interviews with Disturbed fans about their own battles with addiction and depression.

To further bring awareness to those issues, Disturbed has launched the You Are Not Alone campaign, which asks fans to share their stories in support of others fighting addiction and depression.

Disturbed wrapped a U.S. tour in support of Evolution in March. They'll launch another North American run in July.

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