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Is a new mural in Nashville connected to new Taylor Swift release?

ABC/Image Group LATaylor Swift fans have proven time and time again that they'll stop at nothing in their quest to discover any tiny shred of evidence that might shed light on their queen's plans -- including spinning wild theories that may or may not have any basis in reality.  Well, here's the latest.

There's a new mural that's gone up on a wall in the Gulch area of of Nashville, TN, Taylor's adopted hometown.  The image, painted by Kelsey Montague, is a large pair of multi-colored butterfly wings against a pink background.  There's a space in between them, so if you stand there, you can take a picture that makes it look like you've suddenly sprouted wings.

According to The Tennessean, fans are convinced this mural has something to do with Taylor's impending April 26 release of...something, for the following reasons:

--The mural is painted in the same kind of pastel colors that Taylor has been using in her latest Instagram posts.

--The wings in the mural are decorated with seven flowers, signifying Taylor's seventh studio album, and 13 hearts, 13 being Taylor's favorite number.

--The wings are also decorated with cats, which not only refers to Taylor's pets Olivia and Meredith, but also her upcoming role in the movie Cats

The city of Nashville is fueling the rumors by posting a photo of the mural on its Instagram site with the caption, "Hmm. Does this new @kelseymontagueart mural in @thegulchnashville have something to do with @taylorswift? Only time will tell!"

Seems as though April 26 can't come soon enough.

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