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Stolen Panic! at the Disco award returned by apologetic fan

ABC/Fred LeeLast summer, a Panic! at the Disco fan stole an Alternative Press Music Award from the band's traveling House of Memories VIP exhibit. Nealy a year later, the trophy has been returned by the fan, along with a very apologetic letter.

Panic! tour manager Zack Hall posted an Instagram photo of the returned award, which had been broken in half, alongside the letter, which is addressed to frontman Brendon Urie.

"I am so sorry for talking this," the letter reads. "Regardless if it's just a prop or not, I sincerely apologize with all my being. I was extremely drunk and made a very poor decision while in this state."

The fan adds that Urie's music has "impacted my life tremendously," and recalls listening to Panic! albums while riding the bus in eighth grade.

"I hope you can forgive me," the fan writes. "Best wishes on the rest of this tour and your future endeavors."

According to Alternative Press, the APMA was a 2016 Song of the Year award for "Hallelujah."

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