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Lauv releases new song "Drugs & the Internet" along with trippy music video

Stefan KohliLauv has released the first song and music video from his upcoming debut album, ~how i’m feeling~.

The track, called “Drugs & the Internet,” is about escaping reality in unhealthy ways. In the video, Lauv gets sucked through a TV screen into a trippy digital dimension.

In that dimension, he sits in a room with old electronic equipment and joins a bizarre dinner party where they’re only serving Jell-O. The clip ends with him popping out of the TV screen, only to find he’s trapped behind a laptop screen, where he's being watched by another version of himself.

“I traded all my friends for drugs and the internet/Ah sh**/Am I a winner yet?/Look quick/Hasn’t hit him yet/Mom’s back home with a drink and a cigarette,” Lauv sings on the chorus.

He explains he wrote the song as he was “struggling with feelings of extreme emptiness and depression” and that it “felt more therapeutic than any song I’d written before.”

"I wrote it as a sort of self-analysis for my obsession with the way I wanted to present myself to the world — a commentary on the world we live today,” he says. “It is as much self-deprecating as it is serious and sad.”

Lauv adds, “I am more proud of this song and video than anything i have ever created in my life, and I’m so excited that it’s yours now."

Earlier this month, Lauv announced that instead of his ~how I’m feeling~ album in the traditional sense, he’ll be releasing it song by song as he makes it.

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