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Bebe Rexha hits back at online body shamer: "I gained weight get over it"

ABC/Lou RoccoAfter someone on Twitter called Bebe Rexha "thick," she hit back with an honest response.

"I gained weight get over it," the "Last Hurrah" singer wrote Monday.

But it's not so much what she said, it's the reactions she got and how she's inspiring others. In the comments of the tweet, female fans not only supported the singer, but shared their own battles with body image.

"Your body is beautiful but what's even more beautiful is your confidence, please don't let anyone take that away from you!" one fan wrote. "The most important thing is that you're happy and you feel good in your body, other people's opinions are SO irrelevant when it comes to that topic."

Another added, "YES QUEEEEEEN!!!! its totally normal that people lose or gain weight no matter what they do because this is life. we all are growing all the time and our body changes. people should respect it and stop trying to put others down for like what?? we all are the same humans."

Many of her fans also just simply called the singer "gorgeous."

Bebe is no stranger to being candid and real about her body. In January, she revealed designers were telling her she's too "big" and that they wouldn't dress her for the Grammy Awards.

In the end, Bebe wore a red, layered tulle gown after several designers, including August Getty Atelier and Christian Siriano, reached out to offer to dress her.

"They said I was too big or fat -- and I love my body. I just want other girls to love their bodies," she said that night on the carpet.

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