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Bushwick Bill update: conflicting reports about Geto Boys rapper's health

Scott Dudelson/Getty ImagesDon't believe those reports that pioneering Geto Boys rapper Bushwick Bill is dead.

Although fellow Geto Boys group member Scarface shared the news Sunday morning that Bill was dead at age 52, TMZ quotes Bill's publicist as saying the rapper's "still alive and fighting cancer."  The publicist tells TMZ the erroneous reports of Bill's death were the result of misinformation quickly spreading online.

Sunday morning, Scarface posted news of Bill's supposed death via Instagram, writing "RIP Bushwick Bill" along with a photo of himself alongside Geto Boys cohort Willie D

In a follow-up post, the "Still" lyricist shared a snapshot of Bill during one of his most recent performances, along with the caption: "You will be missed big fella."

Willie D also appeared to confirm Bill's passing by sharing a series of photos on Instagram. 

"This is Geto Boys for life," D captioned the endearing tribute, along with the hashtags #WeCantBeStopped and #30yearsofControversy.

Bushwick Bill, born Richard Shaw, revealed last month that he'd been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer, telling TMZ that his doctor had found a mass on his pancreas which was assumed to be benign. However, they soon learned that was far from the case.

Bill began intense chemotherapy shortly after, admitting that at that point it was too early to tell how his body was reacting to the treatment. By disclosing his diagnosis, the rapper was hoping to raise awareness and highlight just how important health is.

“It's not like I'm afraid of dying," Bill told TMZ. “It's about life and living life and being there for family... I just want people to be aware so when they set dreams and goals they're healthy to fulfill and live.”

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