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Katy Perry's "not making a record" but plans to share new songs "in the very near future" 

Craig SjodinKaty Perry fans are happy with her new single "Never Really Over" and they'd like to hear more new material from the American Idol judge. Well, the good news is that there are more songs coming, but the bad news is that they won't be in the form of an album.

Speaking to Australia's Nova FM, Katy explained, "For the past year I've basically said I'm not making a record.  Because making a record really is a big commitment of time and touring."

"I did that for the past four records and I did that for almost 10 years straight," she added. "And now I'm trying to really investigate some kind of normal balance in my life."

But, Katy notes, "I'm still writing songs and going into the studio and I definitely have a couple of songs that I really love, and I'm excited to share with the the very near future."

Agreeing that she's in a "really good place," Katy revealed, "You know, it takes a lot of therapy!"

"It takes a lot of therapy to work on your mental health, and it takes a lot of balance," she continued. "And I've been able to find a lot of balance through...just doing, like, a lot of hard, kind of, character work -- which is not always fun."

In a similar vein, Katy has also said that she and her fiance Orlando Bloom aren't rushing down the aisle, because they want to take the time and do the work to prepare themselves emotionally for a lifelong commitment.

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