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Lance Bass teases fans with Old Face Challenge photo of *NSYNC

Kevin Mazur/WireImage for MTVEver since four members of *NSYNC joined Ariana Grande onstage at Coachella earlier this year, calls for the group to reunite for a tour -- even without Justin Timberlake -- have gotten louder and louder. That's why Lance Bass is trolling fans on Twitter with tantalizing promises of a reunion...decades from now.

Using FaceApp, Lance jumped into the Old Face Challenge that's currently going viral, and posted a photo of all five *NSYNC members posing together as old men. He captioned it, "When we finally reunite" with a smile emoji.

Fans predictably went nuts, with many posting the "So you're telling me there's a chance?" GIF.  And another hopeful fan wrote, "Notice he said 'When'...not 'If.' Juuuuust saying."

Another fan wrote, "WE WANT IT NOW. I mean if I have to be 50 doing the choreo to IWYB I will, but I'd rather do it before the arthritis."

"I'll be there with my high blood pressure pills and arthritis medication," wrote another.

One fan posted a video of The Golden Girls and captioned it, "My friends and I when we finally get to see in concert."

But the one that Lance himself liked best was the response from the fan who captioned the pic, "Dirty Pops."

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