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Busta Rhymes escorted off international flight over luggage dispute with passenger, rapper responds

iStock/Diy13Busta Rhymes found himself at odds across the pond after being escorted off of a British Airways jet by London authorities, People has learned. 

The veteran rapper was boarding a flight from New York City to London's Heathrow Airport when he realized the overhead space above his first class seat was being used. That's when witnesses claim Busta became "irate" as he demanded a fellow passenger remove her items from the overhead space.

Shortly after, People reports, a heated argument ensued, despite the unidentified woman's husband attempts to diffuse the situation. 

“He was towering over my wife’s seat and she was terrified,” an unnamed passenger alleged in the frequent flyer forum, FlyerTalk.  He claims that when he told Busta to leave his wife alone, the rapper replied, “Then let’s go, homeboy."

Another contributor to the forum thread claims they saw "a woman start to cry," and said "the situation escalated very quickly."

Finally, the cabin crew and flight's captain stepped in and the involved parties calmed down. The Daily Mail reports that once the plane landed in London, however, British authorities escorted the Busta off the plane -- but he was not arrested in the airport. 

As the news of Busta's alleged rift began to circulate online, the pioneering artist took to Instagram to offer up a response to the flood of reports. 

"You can never go against God and all of God's greatest gifts and blessings. You will always lose that," he says in a brief clip in which he shows off a private jet, adding "They wanna create a narrative? Well, this is how we answer back those narratives."

Busta was heading to London for a scheduled headlining performance at the five-year anniversary edition of the Untold music festival. 

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