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Cardi B claims extremely unconventional reason behind her boob job

ABC/Randy HolmesCardi B is clearing the air regarding her bust size.  And, boy, is it out there.

The Invasion of Privacy artist previously revealed she underwent a second breast augmentation following the birth of her daughter, Kulture.  But, now it appears she wanted her bosom to serve a more conventional purpose: as flotation devices.

Striking a fabulous pose on Instagram, the Grammy-winning rapper wrote, "I can’t swim so I bought these t*****s so I can float."

We know Cardi's joking -- we think -- but unfortunately for her, breast implants cannot actually save you from drowning.  In fact, if she'd opted for silicone implants, which are denser than water, they could potentially cause her to sink.

Cardi can test her theory this Friday, when she performs at the Baja Beach Festival in Rosarita, Mexico.

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