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Nicki Minaj blasts Rick Ross and less-than-subtly shades Cardi B

John Shearer/Getty Images via ABC

Nicki Minaj isn't holding back on the latest episode of the Joe Budden Podcast

Nearly 24 hours after ripping into the show's host, Nicki appeared on the podcast to hash out her differences with Joe Budden, and took less-than-subtle shots at Rick Ross as well as Cardi B in the process. 

The shade throwing session began when the "Barbie Dreams" rapper was asked who she felt was a more skilled lyricist, Ross or The Game. Nicki responded by blasting Ross for his alleged diss on the 2017 single "Apple of My Eye," in which he rhymes: "I told Meek I wouldn't trust Nicki/Instead of beefing with your dog, you just give 'em some distance."

"When a grown-a** f***** man name-drops a woman and disses a woman to sell an album when I was the only person in your artist's corner when everyone turned their back on them?" Nicki began her seething rant. "When everyone was calling them Twitter fingers and cracking up laughing at them, and I'm the one?" 

The Head Barb then went on to defend herself by reminding Budden of her "authentic come-up" in the music industry.

"I still had to go through these things because of people like you who made a sport out of tearing down a young, black woman who's done nothing but come in this game with an authentic come-up, writing raps, and doing what was really necessary," Nicki told Budden. "No Instagram, no reality shows, no sucking DJs' d****."

Many listeners believe the latter part of her comment was referencing Cardi, who attained mainstream success after amassing a large social media following and appearing on VH1's Love & Hip Hop.

But the shade didn't end there. Nicki further acknowledged how, despite lacking certain accolades, she's still considered one of the greats, unlike other unnamed artists.

"I would feel so f****** crazy if I had number ones and Grammys and ain't on nobody's top 50 list," she said. 

While Ross has yet to comment on the matter, Cardi took to Instagram to post a photo documenting album sales for her debut, Invasion of Privacy, along with the caption: "One year and some change later and my album is still SELLING. Only list I give a f*** about."

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