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Pixies continue to show what they've "got" with new album, "Beneath the Eyrie" 

Credit: Travis ShinnThe second Pixies era continues with Beneath the Eyrie, the seventh studio album from the alt-rock pioneers, and the third since the band reunited in 2004. More than 30 years after the release of their first album, 1988's Surfer Rosa, frontman Black Francis tells ABC Radio that his goal in the studio remains the same: to show everyone what he's "got."

"Whether it was my first record, even if that was a funky studio in a warehouse above a fishmonger, it was still microphones better than we had in our rehearsal space," Francis recalls. "We went there with a producer and an engineer, [who said], 'What do you guys got? What do you got to show? Show and tell. What do you got?'"

What Pixies got with Beneath the Eyrie, due out this Friday, are 12 new songs featuring a colorful cast of characters, including "Catfish Kate," which was chosen as the lead single despite some apprehension from Francis.

"I didn't know how this was going to grab every one," Francis says of "Catfish Kate," which is based on a character from Wild West stories his father would tell him growing up.

"This story about this woman who has this great battle with a catfish under the water in South Dakota or someplace in the 1850s or whatever, that's the story, really, for your rock n' roll number?" he continues. "So I was a little sheepish."

Pixies have also been in the news recently after pop star Miley Cyrus debuted a new tattoo featuring lyrics from the band's 1990 song "The Thing." While Francis isn't a big tattoo person himself, he can understand their significance.

"Obviously it's very important to a lot of people," he says. "So I have nothing against tattoos."

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