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Sam Smith, part-time McDonald's food critic

Ruven AfanadorWhile Sam Smith seems all about being fit these days, that doesn't mean he doesn't occasionally indulge in his favorite fattening foods. On Sunday, he posted a video of himself chowing down on a McDonald's burger, and on Monday, he told British radio station Capital FM that he simply had to do it -- because it's his hobby.

"I had to sample the double Quarter-Pounder 'cause it's new on the [menu]," Sam explained. "I love McDonald's, I have, like, a What's App group where we compare McDonald's around the world, 'cause it's different everywhere around the world. It should have a Michelin star!"

When asked his thoughts on McDonald's spicy chicken nuggets, Sam very seriously responded, "I'm gonna give them a six out of ten. The Japanese spicy nuggets are better!"

Currently, Sam has two singles out: "Dancing with a Stranger," his duet with Normani, and "How Do You Sleep."  He's also featured on the soundtrack of the upcoming Judy Garland biopic Judy, duetting with the movie's star Renee Zellweger on the song "Get Happy." That album's out September 27.

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