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Burke/Triolo Productions/ThinkstockChris Young has released his new single, "Aw Naw," to radio as the first taste of his upcoming fourth studio album, due out in the coming months.

Country newcomer Joanna Smith co-wrote her brand-new single, "Girls Are Crazy," which has been delivered to country stations around the nation.

Alan Jackson has postponed two concerts in Canada this week to attend George Jones' funeral Thursday morning in Nashville. Go to for more details.

Eric Church, Luke Bryan, Sheryl Crow and Dustin Lynch were among the stars on hand for the T.J. Martell Foundation's Best Cellars fundraiser dinner in Nashville Monday night.

The Band Perry will appear on CBS's The Talk Wednesday.

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Cee Lo, Robin Thicke, Pharrell, T.I. Coming to "The Voice" Lo Green, Robin Thicke, Pharrell Williams and T.I. are dropping in on upcoming episodes of The Voice.

Cee Lo, who was a coach on the first three seasons of The Voice, will make an appearance Wednesday, May 8.  He recently closed out the first run of his Las Vegas show Loberace, and will be hitting The Voice stage for a performance of "Only You" off his upcoming album Girl Power.  The disc is due out later this year.

As for Robin Thicke, he's appearing Tuesday, May 14, on The Voice.  He'll perform his song "Blurred Lines," with help from special guests Pharrell and T.I.

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Country Stars Salute Willie Nelson on His 80th Birthday

David McClisterCountry music icon Willie Nelson celebrates his 80th birthday Tuesday, but he's just as vital to the country format as ever.  Willie is even featured on Kenny Chesney's Life on a Rock album, hitting stores this week, on the song "Coconut Tree."  That track talks about the virtues of leaving all your troubles behind while lounging on the island, and Kenny actually lived that song out over the holiday season last year with Willie himself.

"I went to Hawaii and sat around a poker table with Willie for a couple of days. And trust me, we climbed our own "Coconut Tree," Kenny says with a laugh alluding to Willie's well-documented love of marijuana.  "It was a lot of fun."

Kenny adds that it's an honor to reunite with Willie for this album saying, "I think I've done more duets with Willie than anybody in the business, I think.  He sang on my Christmas record years ago.  I think this makes the fourth or fifth one.  Something like that."

Willie welcomed another country star, Darius Rucker, into his Hawaiian home back in 2000.  Darius was actually down there visiting his vegetarian, actor friend Woody Harrelson, and the lack of meat at Woody's house was really getting to Darius.  After about eight days, Darius jumped at the chance to head over to Willie's house with Woody for a little golf and red meat.

Once Willie found out he'd been staying with Woody for about eight days, Willie told Darius, "You need some meat, don't ya?"

Darius says, "It was great.  His wife was in the kitchen cooking hamburgers and hot dogs.  I spent a couple of days playing golf with Willie and Kris Kristofferson.  That's still one of the great memories of my life."

Even those stars who don't hang out with Willie that often can tell you he is vital to country music as we know it today.  Tim McGraw, whose favorite Willie song is "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain," tells ABC News Radio, "I think the great thing about country music is the unique stylists that we've had over the years.  The guys who have really blazed a trail of individuality, and nobody's done that like Willie Nelson has."

Noting Willie's early success as a songwriter, Tim goes on to marvel at his run of unique run of hits in the '70s and '80s covering everything from duets with Julio Iglesias and Ray Charles to his classic standards album, Stardust.

Tim compares Willie to another musical icon with longevity, Bruce Springsteen, saying, "I don't think in any genre of music has there been anybody quite like Willie Nelson, and I think he's one of those guys that will go down, right up there with Springsteen, as one of those guys who's just part of the fabric of America and the fabric of what makes this country great."

For Kip Moore, Willie is right up there with his other musical hero, Bob Seger, when it comes to conveying sincerity in a vocal performance.

"Whether it's all B.S., I don't know," Kip says, "but there's something about their voices that captivate me more than anybody's as far as drawing me in and believing every single word and holding on to every single word they're saying."

Trace Adkins explains that Willie would have been lionized by country fans even if he'd never gone beyond writing country classics like "Crazy."

Trace tells ABC News Radio, "He has written some classic, classic songs.  I think that's the biggest thing about Willie.  He's the whole package.  He's not just an artist.  He's not just a singer, not just a guitar player.  He's a songwriter.  He's the whole package.  He's just so unique that he's just Willie."

Willie even played a big role in the vocal development of Little Big Town's Kimberly Schlapman, who sang a Willie song during her very early days of performing back home in Georgia.

She tells ABC News Radio, "When I was about 13 years old, I started singing publicly a lot, and I would buy those accompaniment tapes to sing with, and my first one I bought was 'Always on My Mind,' and I sang that at fairs."

A host of stars have posted videos and messages at wishing Willie a happy birthday including fellow Farm Aid founders Neil Young, Dave Matthews and John MellencampStephen Colbert, Sting and Bonnie Raitt also contributed birthday wishes for Willie on the site.

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Listen to The Wanted's New Single, "Walks Like Rihanna"

Image Courtesy The Wanted via TwitterJust days after The Wanted released a preview of their new single, the full version of “Walks Like Rihanna” has made its way online.

You may already be familiar with the chorus, as heard in last week’s teaser, in which the boys describe their dream girl: "She can't sing/She can't dance/But who cares/She walks like Rihanna."

Another set of lyrics declare, “She'll be the girl of your dreams/If you can close your eyes/You can feel that beat when she's in the room/You can feel your heart going boom boom.”  How sweet.

Rihanna has yet to publicly comment on The Wanted's name check of her.

The video for “Walks Like Rihanna” will premiere May 7.

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Justin Timberlake Launching MasterCard Partnership with NYC Concert This Sunday Timberlake has partnered with MasterCard in what he describes as a collaboration that will allow him to connect with his fans.

As part of his agreement with MasterCard, Justin will perform a special concert at New York City’s Roseland Ballroom on Sunday, May 5. Tickets will only be made available to MasterCard cardholders. More info will be announced soon on

MasterCard hasn’t offered many other details on its new, two-year partnership with Justin, other than to say it will focus on the “delivery of truly unforgettable fan experiences” for its cardholders and for the singer’s fans.

Justin said in a statement, “I’m thrilled to be part of a collaboration that offers me the opportunity to connect and engage with fans and bring them closer to the music.”

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Thom Yorke Clarifies Spelling of New Atoms for Peace Track, "Magic Beanz"

Caitlin Mogridge/RedfernsRemember, kids: 'beans' is spelled with a final 'z', not an 's'.  At least, it is if you're Thom Yorke.

A few days ago, a new track by Yorke's side project, Atoms for Peace, surfaced online with the title “Magic Beans.” Now, Yorke has taken to his Twitter account to acknowledge that the cut is spelled differently, tweeting, “New song floating about is called Magic Beanz. The Z is v[ery] important. I'd find u a link but I'm still in bedzzz.”

No word yet on whether “Magic Beanz” will be released as a B-side or as part of the band’s next album.

Atoms for Peace will be making the rounds at a number of European music festivals before the band kicks off their North American tour.  That outing begins on September 24 at the Liacouras Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Visit to view the full itinerary.

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"The Voice" Recap: Knockout Rounds Begin

NBCMonday night marked the beginning of the knockout rounds on NBC’s The Voice. The format is similar to that of the recent battle rounds, but with a few key differences.

The artists are again paired with a teammate for a duel in front of the studio audience. But unlike the battle rounds, the contestants are allowed to choose the song they will perform. Their coach picks the winner, and the loser is sent home, with no opportunity to be “saved” by the other coaches.

Ultimately, four artists from each team will advance to the live playoffs.

On Monday night, contestants from Adam Levine and Shakira’s teams took the stage. Blake Shelton and Usher were on hand to offer their critiques.

The first matchup in the knockout rounds featured Team Adam’s Amber Carrington, 19, and Midas Whale, the male duo that includes season-three American Idol finalist Jon Peter Lewis. Amber sang Avril Lavigne’s “I’m With You,” while Midas Whale performed a gritty version of “Higher Ground” that was closer to the Red Hot Chili Peppers cover than the Stevie Wonder original. Adam praised Midas Whale for their unique style, but he declared Amber to be the winner.

Next up were Garrett Gardner and Tawnya Reynolds from Team Shakira. Gardner played the Alex Clare hit “Too Close” on his guitar, and Tawnya brought her country stylings to Pistol Annies’ “Hell on Heels.” Blake and Shakira had a minor disagreement over Tawnya’s yodeling during her song. Shakira, noting Garrett’s growth during the competition, selected him over Tawnya.

Amy Whitcomb and Caroline Glaser, the latter of whom was stolen from Blake by Adam in the battle rounds, went head-to-head for the Maroon 5 frontman. Amy showed off her soaring vocals on The Animals’ "The House of the Rising Sun." Caroline followed up with “Little Talks” by the Icelandic rock band Of Monsters and Men. Adam felt both sounded better in rehearsals. Caroline advanced.

Shakira pit Kris Thomas against teen singer Mary Miranda. Kris delivered his rendition of "What a Wonderful World," and Mary covered The Police classic “Every Breath You Take.” Shakira said Kris has a voice that’s one of a kind, and while she also complimented Mary, she was concerned about Mary’s lack of experience. Kris is moving on in the competition.

Adam Levine protégé Judith Hill, a former background singer for Michael Jackson, stepped onto the stage to duel Orlando Dixon. Hill performed Willie Nelson’s “Always on My Mind,” and Orlando sang K-Ci & Jo-Jo’s R&B hit “All My Life.” The general consensus on the panel was that Judith outshined Orlando. So it’s no surprise that Judith remains on Adam’s team.

Karina Iglesias, stolen from Adam by Shakira in the battle rounds, was paired with former child star Monique Abbadie. Karina sang “Are You Gonna Go My Way” by Lenny Kravitz, and Monique chose Celine Dion’s “The Power of Love.” Blake and Usher both stated that Monique showed more range. But Shakira went in a different direction, and selected Karina.

Warren Stone and Sarah Simmons faced off for the right to continue with Team Adam. Warren rocked out with the ‘80s song "(I Just) Died in Your Arms" by Cutting Crew, and Sarah belted out The Rolling Stones’ “Wild Horses.” Sarah is headed to the live playoffs.

For the final knockout round of the night, Shakira had Sasha Allen and Shawna P. go at it. Sasha performed Etta James’ “At Last.” Shawna P. chose Paul McCartney’s “Maybe I’m Amazed.” Shakira said Sasha gave her goose bumps, and she also loved Shawna. Sasha was declared the winner.

The knockout rounds continue Tuesday night with Blake and Usher’s artists entering the spotlight. The two-hour episode begins on NBC at 8 p.m. Eastern time.

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Michael Jackson Wrongful Death Trial: Day One

MichaelJackson.comMichael Jackson's family and friends knew the King of Pop abused prescription drugs, an attorney for Jackson's mother told a Los Angeles jury Monday, yet the promoters of his ill-fated 2009 comeback tour denied any knowledge of it.

In his opening statement, attorney Brian Panish, who is representing Katherine Jackson in her wrongful death lawsuit against AEG Live, told jurors that officials with the concert promoter were so focused on beating the competition with Jackson's This Is It tour that they relentlessly pushed the King of Pop to perform despite numerous warning signs about his health, and negligently hired Dr. Conrad Murray, the man convicted of involuntary manslaughter for giving Jackson a fatal dose of the anesthetic propofol.

“They wanted to be No. 1 at all costs,” Panish said. “We're not looking for any sympathy...We're looking for truth and justice.”

Panish detailed Jackson's prescription drug abuse history, saying the singer regularly used Demerol and propofol, and that “people who knew him believed he had a problem with prescription medication.”

"[Michael Jackson's] stirring voice, his musical genius, his creativity and his generosity and his huge heart was extinguished forever," Panish said. “You're going to hear the whole story about what happened in the death of Michael Jackson.”

AEG officials have denied all wrongdoing in the civil suit filed by Katherine Jackson and the singer's three children, saying that Murray, who was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in 2011, was an independent contractor hired by Jackson.

Murray is currently serving four years in prison for his role in the pop superstar's death and is appealing his conviction.

Marvin S. Putnam, the lawyer representing AEG Live, told jurors in his opening remarks that concert promoter officials could not have known about Jackson's private life, including his propofol use, and could not have foreseen circumstances that led to a physician giving the pop star doses of the anesthetic as a sleep aid.

“The truth is, Michael Jackson fooled everyone,” Putnam said. “He made sure that no one, nobody, knew his deepest darkest secrets.”

Katherine Jackson and two of her children, Rebbie and Randy Jackson, sat in the front row of the courtroom, as Jackson fans and media thronged the hallways and the areas outside the courthouse. No cameras were allowed inside the courtroom.

Attorney Tom Mesereau, who represented Jackson when he was exonerated on child molestation charges, says AEG wants to say the singer’s “reputation was diminished.”  Mesereau adds, “If that's true, why did they want to enter into a business contract with him?”

Dana Cole, an ABC News legal Analyst, says the issue in this case revolves around Dr. Murray.  Cole says, “The question is really was he working for AEG or was he Michael Jackson's personal physician?”

Tens of millions of dollars, not to mention the worldwide pop music icon's reputation, are at stake in this trial. A jury comprised of six men and six women will hear arguments that are expected to last into the summer to decide if AEG is liable for damages.

Michael Jackson died in June 2009 at the age of 50.

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The Rascals Announce US Tour for "Once Upon a Dream" Show

The Hartman GroupThe Rascals will be taking their recent Broadway production on the road for a national tour, beginning May 24 at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida.

The band’s reunion show, The Rascals: Once Upon a Dream, has confirmed dates in a dozen cities, and more are expected to be announced, according to USA Today.  Several cities will have multi-concert runs. The band ends its Broadway run on May 5.

Guitarist Steven Van Zandt of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band, wrote, co-produced and co-directed The Rascals’ Broadway production, which reunites keyboardist Felix Cavaliere, guitarist Gene Cornish, singer Eddie Brigati and drummer Dino Danelli.

The band scored 13 Top 40 singles between 1966 and 1969, including “Good Lovin’,” “How Can I Be Sure,” “Groovin’” and “People Got to Be Free.”

Van Zandt cites the '60s pop-rock act as one of his major musical inspirations.  That admiration is at the core of why he worked so hard to get The Rascals to come together for the show.  “I just felt like the world needs these guys more than ever,” Van Zandt recently told ABC News Radio.

Van Zandt said the world “needs to hear the optimism in their music, the idealism in their music and that brotherhood and love that was so much a part of the music. You don't hear that anymore and you don't see bands this good anymore."

Van Zandt told ABC News Radio he hopes Once Upon a Dream will inform music fans about The Rascals' “position in history,” which he says “deserves a bit more attention than just a typical concert.”

Here are the confirmed dates for The Rascals: Once Upon a Dream. More dates are expected to be announced:

5/24-27 -- Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Hollywood, Fla.
5/30 -- Ruth Eckerd Hall, Clearwater, Fla.
5/31 -- Moran Theater, Jacksonville, Fla.
6/5,6,8 -- Academy of Music, Philadelphia
6/12 -- Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia, Md.
6/14 -- Koka Booth Amphitheatre, Cary, N.C.
6/15 -- North Charleston Performing Arts Center, North Charleston, S.C.
6/17 -- Ovens Auditorium, Charlotte, NC
6/19-22 -- Cobb Energy Center, Atlanta
6/25-30 -- Boston Opera House, Boston
7/5 -- Jones Beach, Wantagh, N.Y.
7/6 -- PNC Bank Arts Center, Holmdel, N.J.

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The Eagles Add Dates to History of the Eagles Tour

EaglesBand.comThe Eagles have announced new dates for their History of the Eagles tour.  Eight shows -- five in Canada and three in the Midwestern U.S. -- have been added to the itinerary for this September.

The band's U.S. stops will take place in Minneapolis on September 18, Chicago on September 20 and Detroit on September 21.  You can buy tickets for the Chicago and Detroit dates beginning May 6.  Tickets for the Minneapolis show go on sale May 13.

The History of the Eagles tour, celebrating the release of the documentary of the same name in addition to the band's 40th anniversary, begins July 6 in Louisville, Kentucky.  The film comes to DVD and Blu-ray on Tuesday.

Here are the new dates:

9/6 -- Vancouver, Canada, Rogers Arena
9/9 -- Edmonton, Canada, Rexall Place
9/11 -- Calgary, Canada, Scotiabank Saddledome
9/14 -- Saskatoon, Canada, Credit Union Centre
9/16 -- Winnipeg, Canada, MTS Centre
9/18 -- Minneapolis, MN, Target Center
9/20 -- Chicago, IL, United Center
9/21 -- Auburn Hills, MI, The Palace of Auburn Hills

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Kelly Rowland, The-Dream Announce Lights Out Tour Dates

KellyRowland.comKelly Rowland and The-Dream have announced the dates of their Lights Out summer tour.  The trek kicks off May 24 in Kansas City, Missouri, making stops in several cities before wrapping up June 23 in Chicago, according to HipHopDX.

As previously reported, Kelly and The-Dream will be promoting their new albums with the co-headlining tour.  Kelly lends vocals to Dream's IV Play project, which is due out May 28.  Dream worked on two songs that made the final cut of Kelly's upcoming Talk a Good Game release, which arrives in stores June 18.

Here are the Lights Out tour dates:

5/24 -- Kansas City, MO, The Midland by AMC
5/26 -- Silver Spring, MD, The Filmore Silver Spring
5/28 -- Baltimore, MD, Rams Head Live
5/29 -- Boston, MA, Wilbur Theatre
5/30 -- New York City, NY, Best Buy Theater
6/3 -- Jackson, MS, Thalia Mara Hall
6/14 -- Baton Rouge, LA, Varsity Theatre
6/21 -- Cleveland, OH, House of Blues
6/22 -- Cincinnati, OH, Bogart's
6/23 -- Chicago, IL, House of Blues

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Ricky Martin, Lance Bass, Katy Perry Applaud NBA Player Who Came Out of the Closet

RickyMartinMusic.comRicky Martin, Lance Bass and Katy Perry were among the several celebrities who chimed in on Twitter following Monday’s revelation that NBA player Jason Collins is gay.

Collins came out of the closet in an article published on Sports Illustrated’s website. Collins, who appears on the cover of this week’s issue of the magazine, is the first-ever active player in a major American team sport to come out as gay.

Ricky Martin, who is gay himself, tweeted, “I don't know you personally [Jason Collins] but... CONGRATULATIONS buddy! You are a brave man! I'm very [happy] for you! #NBA #proud.”

Lance Bass, a former member of ‘NSYNC who is also gay, wrote, “Congrats @jasoncollins34 !! Giant leap for sports - and the conversation continues!”

Katy Perry echoed that sentiment. She re-tweeted Juno screenwriter Diablo Cody, who wrote, “Congrats, Jason Collins, and thank you!” and added, “Same!”

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The Henningsens Preparing for Group Member Clara Henningsen's Wedding Henningsens are celebrating the success of their debut single, "American Beautiful," and the group's Clara Henningsen has another big milestone coming up soon -- her wedding.  Clara has been engaged to fiancé Jacob Calaway since last September, and she says, "I couldn’t be more thrilled to have found the perfect man for me, and to have him here to share in all the wonderful things that are happening for us.  Life’s gonna be crazy, but it’s gonna be really, really fun.  I’m truly blessed.”

Clara won't have much time to enjoy married life at home though.  The Henningsens hit the road with Brad Paisley May 9.

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Daft Punk Gets “Lucky” with #1 Single in UK is coming up roses for Daft Punk.  “Get Lucky,” the group’s first single from their upcoming album Random Access Memories, has just scored the #1 spot on the U.K. singles chart.  The electronic duo also scored the biggest opening week in the U.K. so far this year with sales of 155,000, according to Britain's Official Charts Company.

While Daft Punk released a statement saying that they’re “lucky to have a #1,” song collaborator Nile Rodgers of Chic had a bit more to say about the single’s success.  "I am so honored and completely blown away,” he said in a statement.  “The relationship between myself and Daft Punk was just so unbelievably right.  So, the fact that it has gone to Number 1 is humbling.”

Random Access Memories arrives at all the usual outlets on May 21.  In addition to the collaboration with Rodgers, the forthcoming release will feature guest appearances by The Strokes' lead singer Julian Casablancas; Animal Collective's Noah Lennox, aka Panda Bear; famed Italian dance-music producer Giorgio Moroder; producer Todd Edwards; DJ Falcon; Canadian singer/producer Chilly Gonzales; and Academy Award-winning musician/songwriter Paul Williams.

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Kix Brooks and Greg Bates Playing Fest-de-Ville Derby Eve Jam in Louisville Friday Night

Arista NashvilleKix Brooks and newcomer Greg Bates have signed on to perform at the Fest-de-Ville Derby Eve Jam this Friday night in Louisville, KY.  The concert takes place the night before the annual Kentucky Derby, and Greg says, "I've been to the Derby a number of times and always had a blast.  To be able to play on Derby Eve with Kix Brooks should be a lot of fun!"

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Pink Sets Record on "Billboard's" Adult Pop Songs Chart is giving Pink a reason to celebrate. She's set a record for the most number-one songs on the publication’s Adult Pop Songs radio airplay chart.

“Just Give Me a Reason,” Pink's collaboration with fun. singer Nate Ruess, just reached the top spot on the chart. It’s her eighth single to achieve the milestone, one more than Katy Perry and Maroon 5.

The other seven Pink hits to hit number one on the Adult Pop Songs chart are “Who Knew,” “So What,” “Sober,” “Raise Your Glass,” “F**kin Perfect,” “Blow Me (One Last Kiss),” and “Try.”

The Billboard Adult Pop Songs chart has been in existence for 17 years.

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Preview New Tracks from Imagine Dragons, AWOLNATION & More on "Iron Man 3"-Inspired Album, "Heroes Fall"

Walt Disney RecordsIf you can’t wait to check out Heroes Fall, a collection of songs "inspired by" upcoming the superhero sequel Iron Man 3, you’re in luck. One-minute previews of every track from the release are currently available on YouTube.

Imagine Dragons has contributed an original song to the album called “Ready Aim Fire,” while AWOLNATION has created a track titled “Some Kind of Joke,” which will be included in the forthcoming flick. Other artists featured on the compilation include Neon Trees, Passion Pit, Capital Cities and a solo track from former Wolfmother frontman Andrew Stockdale.

Heroes Fall is set to be released on Tuesday, while Iron Man 3 will hit theaters on Friday.  It tells the continuing story of billionaire industrialist playboy Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, played by Robert Downey Jr.  In this chapter, Stark's personal world is destroyed by battle super-villain The Mandarin, played by Ben Kingsley.

Here’s the track list for Heroes Fall:

"Ready Aim Fire" -- Imagine Dragons
"Some Kind of Joke" -- AWOLNATION   
"Some Kind of Monster" -- Neon Trees   
"American Blood" -- Passion Pit   
"No Time" -- Rogue Wave
"One Minute More" -- Capital Cities
"Back to the Start" -- Mr Little Jeans   
"Keep Moving" -- Andrew Stockdale
"Redemption" -- Redlight King   
"Big Bad Wolves" -- WALK THE MOON   
"BAD GUY" -- 3OH!3   
"Let's Go All the Way" -- The Wondergirls featuring Ashley Hamilton and Robbie Williams

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TLC, Boyz II Men, Rev Run Performing at Hershey Festival that filming is wrapped on the set of VH1's TLC biopic, executive producers T-Boz and Chilli can get back to music.  They'll be performing at this summer's Mixtape Festival in Hershey, Pennsylvania, marking TLC's only North American reunion date. 

Boyz II Men and Rev Run & DJ Ruckus have also been tapped for this summer's Mixtape Festiva.  Other acts include Boyz II Men's soon-to-be tour mates New Kids on the Block. 

The second edition of the Mixtape Festival will be held at Hersheypark Stadium on July 26 and 27.  Tickets go on sale to the public on May 10.

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Vampire Weekend Adds NYC Date to Upcoming Tour

XL RecordingsIf you missed your chance to see Vampire Weekend perform in their hometown of New York City on Sunday, you’re getting another chance this fall.

The band has just announced that they’ll be returned to NYC for a headlining gig at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on September 20.  Tickets for upcoming show will go on sale on Saturday.

In other VW news, the group will be the musical guest for the May 11 episode of NBC’s Saturday Night Live, hosted by former SNL cast member Kristen Wiig.  The guys are expected to perform tracks from their upcoming album Modern Vampires of the City, due on May 14.

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CMA Music Festival's Nightly Concerts Sold Out; Kip Moore Added to Lineup

Bennett FarkasTickets for the nightly concerts at Nashville's LP Field during the CMA Music Festival are completely sold out six weeks before the event kicks off.  Demand for four-day ticket packages left the CMA with no individual tickets to offer fans for the shows, running June 6 through 9 in Music City.

Kip Moore has been added to the lineup for the nightly concerts along with classics acts Lee Greenwood, Tracy Lawrence, the Oak Ridge Boys and Randy Travis.  The Oak Ridge Boys have also signed on to perform the national anthem at the event one night, and Brett Eldredge, Gloriana and Pam Tillis and Lorrie Morgan will deliver the anthem on the other nights.

Previously announced performers at the nightly concerts include Luke Bryan, Eric Church, Taylor Swift, Brad Paisley, Blake Shelton, Zac Brown Band, Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, The Band Perry, Kelly Clarkson, Hunter Hayes, Lady Antebellum, Gary Allan, Keith Urban, Florida Georgia Line, Hunter Hayes and Jake Owen.

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