Guitar Stolen at Rascal Flatts Concert Recovered by Police

Image Courtesy Todd Owyoung/Big MachineA $2,000 custom guitar stolen from Rascal Flatts during their performance at the Willamette Country Music Festival in Brownsville, Oregon, Friday night has been recovered, according to The Register-Guard.

Linn County sheriff's deputies say that two suspects -- a 19-year-old man and a 17-year-old female -- were detained after the guitar was discovered stolen from backstage. The band decided not to press charges, as long as the guitar was returned unharmed.

The two suspects attended the concert, according to the deputies, who say a detective met the male suspect on Sunday and took possession of the guitar, which appeared undamaged.

Both suspects were cooperative when interviewed by deputies, and festival administration staff was instrumental in resolving the matter, according to officials.

Rascal Flatts' Riot Tour picks up in Springfield, Illinois, on Wednesday.

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Billy Corgan Says Modern Rock Music Suffers from a "Lack of Fight"

Credit: Scarlet PageEarlier this month, The Smashing Pumpkins completed a co-headlining tour with Marilyn Manson. While the trek paired two icons of '90s rock,  Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan has long been pessimistic regarding the current state of rock. In Corgan's mind, today's rock scene is missing one key ingredient.

"I think the real issue is more the lack of fight coming from rock music," Corgan tells ABC Radio. "It's broken into its own subculture, and it sort of seems to be content to just kinda stay there and wallow in it, or point fingers and say, 'We're cooler than them,' or whatever. I think the fight's been kinda given up, it's like, 'Well, this is the way of the world now, and as long as we get to go play festivals it's all good, even though we're playing music that's 20 years old, it's all good.' It just seems to be this kind of uncomfortable silence about the whole thing."

Corgan adds that rock music has lost the "moral high-ground," meaning that it no longer represents the voice of the common people.

"I used to say back in the '90s we're a populist band," he says of the Pumpkins. "We want to represent something popular, but from a perspective of our own middle-class upbringing. It was sort of middle-class rebellion."

Corgan also laments what he feels is a lack of guitars in today's rock music, but he doesn't think you necessarily need a guitar to be a rock band with fight, as evidenced by the rap group Public Enemy.

"To me, Public Enemy was rock," Corgan says. "They were coming from a place up off the street that represented something. And when that fight is pushed to the side, in essence the people don't seem to have a voice in what's going on. People rising up off the streets saying, 'This is our message,' whether it's The Clash or Run DMC or Public Enemy or Nirvana, when you lose that kinda edge in popular music, and it's not in the charts, it's a lot of beige, and that always frightens me."

Corgan thinks that without that edge rock music can't combat today's pop music, of which he is not a big fan, to say the least.

"When you lose that voice of rebellion, the Bob Marleys and that stuff, and you've got a lot of like, fake rebellion which, pop music is, generally speaking -- not always, but generally speaking --  is fake rebellion," Corgan tells ABC Radio. "And it's never been worse in the time of popular music staring since the 1920's, it's never been worse than it is now."

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American Authors Singer Says Playing "Best Day of My Life" Is Still "Life-Changing" for Him

ABC/Fred LeeAmerican Authors just wrapped up a brief tour with their pal Andy Grammer, and they've got a couple of high-profile gigs coming up: this weekend, they'll be performing at the first-ever Billboard Hot 100 Festival in Long Island, New York, and then they'll perform at Arthur Ashe Kids' Day, the annual event that kicks off the U.S. Open tennis tournament.  Of course, they'll be playing their hit "Best Day of My Life" for the millionth time, but lead singer Zac Barnett says he's still not tired of the song.

"I think it means more to me now ‘cause it means so much to other people," Zac tells ABC Radio about playing the song non-stop for the past couple of years. "Y'know, I know some people and they say, 'Oh, I hate playing this song. I’ve played it every day for the past...' however long, but 'Best Day of My Life' is still my favorite song to play."

In fact, Zac says playing the optimistic hit in concert is pretty much the most fulfilling aspect of his career.

"That’s the song that still the majority of the crowd knows and they get so excited about it and just to feel that energy, it’s really life-changing and, like, that’s the best feeling that, for me as a musician, I could ever ask for."

The song has also connected with the band's fans in a special way: they use it to soundtrack major occasions in their lives.

"A lot of my friends from high school told me, 'Yeah, I used your song at my wedding,' and bar mitzvahs...You know, I can’t even remember what my bar mitzvah song was," Zac laughs. 

Then, referring to that viral 2012 video which showed 13-year-old Shaun Sperling dancing to Madonna's "Vogue" at his bar mitzvah, Zac says, "I really hope that someone does a Madonna bar mitzvah dance to 'Best Day of My Life,' ok?  So for anyone out there: please use 'Best Day of My Life' for a sweet bar mitzvah dance!"  

American Authors are currently promoting their new single "Go Big or Go Home," from their upcoming sophomore album.

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Steven Tyler, Joe Walsh to Perform at Anti-Addiction Rally in Washington

Seth HellmanSteven Tyler and Joe Walsh are just two of the performers scheduled to appear a rally being organized by a group seeking to confront addiction. 

The event, the UNITE to Face Addiction Rally, will be held October 4 on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.  It is being organized by the new, national group Facing Addiction, which is hoping to give a voice to 85 million Americans struggling with addiction and its consequences.

The Aerosmith singer will perform with his Nashville-based band, Loving Mary.

Additional performers include Sheryl Crow,The Fray, John Rzeznik of the Goo Goo Dolls and singer-songwriter and former Drive-By Truckers guitarist Jason Isbell. Additional performers and special guests will be announced in the coming weeks.

“UNITE to Face Addiction will mark the first time our nation will collectively stand up to addiction, a health problem that impacts one in three households,” said Greg Williams, co-founder of Facing Addiction and a person in long-term recovery, in a statement. “Twenty-two million Americans are currently suffering from a substance use disorder, and more than 23 million others are living in recovery.”

Williams added that the addict isn’t the only one who suffers. “When you include the families of the afflicted, addiction impacts over 85 million people -- we all know somebody. It’s not ‘those’ people, it’s all of us,” he said.

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Nashville Notes

Burke/Triolo Productions/ThinkstockMaddie & Tae are performing on NBC's Today on September 1.

Parmalee will perform "Already Callin' You Mine" on NBC's Today on Tuesday, September 8.

Brantley Gilbert has released "Stone Cold Sober" as the follow-up to his latest #1 hit, "One Hell of an Amen."

Little Big Town's new video, "Pain Killer," premieres on CMT's Hot 20 Countdown this Saturday.

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Kip Moore Explains How "Braveheart" Inspired His New Album Cover, "Wild Ones"

MCA NashvilleKip Moore threw subtlety out the window when he came up with the neon-colored album cover for his new project, Wild Ones. In the cover photo, Kip is seen raising his hand in the air while screaming defiantly. The photograph is accented with bold neon yellows and reds and blues to create a visually stunning image.

"It sticks out doesn't it?" Kip tells ABC Radio with a laugh. "I feel like I've been that way with everything. With the music, with everything I've done and do. With videos. I never want to be in the trend of whatever the trend is."

As you can hear in his latest single, "I'm to Blame," Kip isn't always the most easygoing, happy-go-lucky guy in the room. Therefore, he didn't want to just plaster a photo of his smiling face on the Wild Ones album cover.

Says Kip, "The truth is, I'm not always happy. If you go to a show, you're going to feel that angst. I feel like, with me, I got kicked in the teeth for so long. This has been such a hard-fought journey. That bleeds through me in the music. It bleeds through me in the live show."

Kip also took some inspiration from one of the big screen's most celebrated warriors when choosing the look for the Wild Ones cover.

"The colors kind of represent war to me. Not necessarily war, but the fight. You know, the blood," Kip explains. "I was almost kinda thinking [of] William Wallace, Braveheart. Just that fight to get what he wanted."

Kip's hard fight pays off this Friday when Wild Ones goes on sale. Kip has teamed up with CMT and Vevo to release five videos from the album this week. The series kicked off Monday with a clip for the title track.

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Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson on Cancer Treatment: "You're Being Cooked from the Inside Out"

Credit: John McMurtieIron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson is opening up about his battle with cancer.

Dickinson -- who was originally diagnosed as having a growth on his tongue but then developed two tumors on his neck -- told Metal Hammer magazine that he learned a lot from the experience.

“You end up with the metabolism of a hummingbird during this treatment because you’re being cooked from the inside out,” he said.  “But your body’s also trying to heal itself rapidly, and it goes into overdrive.”

He believes this to be the reason so many cancer patients experience weight loss.

“It’s simply because your system is banging away and then eventually it all dropped back down to normal,” he said. "It’s fascinating. Basically, I am my own science project.”

Iron Maiden is set to release its 16th album, The Book of Souls, on September 4.

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The Weeknd Boasts Two Simultaneous Top-Five Hot 100 Hits 

Image Courtesy Lamar Taylor/Republic Records

The Weeknd may have slipped from the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100, but the singer is still winning on the charts.

According to the publication, the singer still holds two simultaneous top-five Hot 100 hits: "Can't Feel My Face" slips to #2 while
"The Hills" at climbs from #11 to #5. The latter also holds at #5 on the Streaming Songs chart and sits at #8 on the Digital Songs tally, thanks to an additional 75,000 downloads.

"The Hills" is the fourth top-five Hot 100 hit of the singer's career -- his previous entries include "Love Me Harder" with Ariana Grande, "Earned It (Fifty Shades of Grey)," as well as his recent topper "Can't Feel My Face."

In addition, he's become the first solo male with two concurrent top-five Hot 100 entries in more than five years.

You can expect his upcoming album Beauty Behind the Madness to arrive on August 28.

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Ja Rule Teams with Steve Madden for Men's Shoe Collaboration

Image Courtesy Credit Roger Erickson/Unviersal

Ja Rule is keeping busy with a new fashion collection. The rapper has announced that he's partnered with fashion footwear designer, Steve Madden.

The pair have teamed together to create a a sneaker collection, which includes bold sneakers, dress shoes and motorcycle-style shoes in soft nappa, nubuck leather and suede.

"I wanted to partner with Steve to create a line that was both stylish and affordable," said Ja Rule in a statement. "I love all the styles, but my favorites, I would have to say, are the high-top nubuck sneaker, the brush-off Chelsea boot. The Maven motorcycle-style boot is something different from anything out there."

"He came to the table with all of these ideas," said Madden. "He's an awesome guy, we click. It's been fun to collaborate with artists. I enjoy it. I enjoy the creative spark."

The Maven x Madden collection, with shoes retailing from $145 to $195, will be available later this fall at select retailers.

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Josh Groban Sings Donald Trump Tweets on "Jimmy Kimmel Live"

ABC/Fred LeeRemember four years ago, when Josh Groban appeared on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live to sing Kanye West tweets, as if it were his new album?  Josh has appeared on the show since, but last night, he finally followed up his Kanye masterpiece with a new future classic: “Josh Groban Sings Donald Trump Tweets.”

Like he did in the Kanye sketch, Josh sits behind a grand piano and has fun with a handful of actual, select Donald Trump tweets, singing them straight-faced as they appear on the screen below him.  The Trump tweets begin with “I have never seen a thin person drinking Diet Coke” and end with his tweet announcing his Republican presidential run, with one in the middle in which Trump actually tweets “F***face von Clownstick.”

As Josh says in the middle of the bit, “Donald Trump’s tweets will make you laugh, they’ll make you cry, but mostly they’ll make you cry.”

Josh is a frequent guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live and has appeared in other show bits, including the now classic “I’m F***ing Ben Affleck” video, one of Kimmel’s first to go viral, back in 2009.  That video’s got 6.9 million views on YouTube, while Josh’s Kanye tweets video from 2001 has nearly as many, at 6.5 million. 

The Trump tweets video has a way to go to hit those numbers: as of Tuesday morning, it had just over five thousand views.

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Zayn Malik Has Profane Twitter Beef with Calvin Harris

Columbia Records; Jeff Daly/NBCZayn Malik just can’t seem to stay out of Twitter feuds these days. The former One Direction member’s latest Twitter beef is with Taylor Swift’s boyfriend, DJ Calvin Harris.

It all started when Zayn retweeted a post -- which has since been removed -- that compared Taylor comments on Spotify’s treatment of artist royalties to a comment from Miley Cyrus in which she says she doesn’t care about album sales. “I’ve made my money. If no one buys my album, cool,” Miley is quoted as saying.

The original post, from an account called @FemaleTexts, captioned the comparison: “The difference is astounding.”

Calvin responded to the original poster and Zayn, defending Taylor against implications that her efforts are purely self-serving. “You've made your money? Cool...f*** the 99% of musicians who depend on these services to survive right? Yeah f*** em,” he tweeted.

He added, “If u don't get what it means when a successful artist uses their celebrity to benefit every other musician and songwriter in the industry... ...stay out my f***** mentions pls.”

Zayn shot back, “Ha you just made an absolute fool of yourself mate,” adding, “you clearly didn't understand what I just said either … so i suggest you calm your knickers before them dentures fall out.”

Calvin tried to diffuse the situation by clarifying, “All good, it was the quote not you personally mate.” But Zayn wasn’t having it. “Oh and I write my own s*** too d*******,” he tweeted.

“Best of luck, genuinely,” Calvin wrote, putting a cap on the feud for now. “You've got a great voice.”

Zayn, whose former 1D band mate Harry Styles used to date Taylor, was most recently involved in a Twitter scuffle with DJ Naughty Boy.

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Elton John Calls Venice Mayor "Boorishly Bigoted" for Banning Children's Books About Same-Sex Families

Joseph Guay/Capitol RecordsElton John is not happy with the mayor of the Italian city of Venice. In a recent Instagram post, the singer calls Mayor Luigi Brugnaro “boorishly bigoted” for banning children’s books about same-sex families.

The post includes a picture of “The Family Book” by Todd Parr, and Elton explains that it is one of his children’s favorite books because it promotes “an all-inclusive world where families come in all shapes, sizes and colors.”

He denounces Brugnaro’s decision to ban such titles from primary schools. “He's stupidly chosen to politicize children's books by banning titles that touch on same sex families living happily ever after,” Elton says of the mayor. “So instead of encouraging a world based on inclusiveness, tolerance and love, he's championing a future society that's divisive and fosters ignorance.”

Elton, who has two young sons with husband David Furnish, concludes his post by writing, “Beautiful Venice is indeed sinking, but not as fast as the boorishly bigoted Brugnaro.”

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Sam Smith Says It’s “Tough to Stay Healthy” While on Tour

Douglas Gorenstein/NBCSam Smith may have significantly slimmed down earlier this year, but that doesn’t mean staying healthy always comes easy. In an Instagram post, the singer opens up about how tough it is to eat healthy while on the road -- particularly in the U.S.

“I have been touring America for the last two months and been visiting the most amazing cities and towns,” he writes. “Two things I've realised, America is f****** HUGE but also.... There is a huge problem with getting access to healthy foods. It has been SO tough to stay healthy and a few times, actually impossible where I've been left with the choice of.... Eat this, or don't eat anything for a day.”

He acknowledges this isn’t only an American problem. “It's not just America it's all over the world, I know. But Lordy Lordy Lordy it's a problem,” he says. “I know this is very preachy and I'm aware I have access to healthier foods now. But all I'll say is if you can.... Try find a way to be healthy. It will make you so much happier.”

Sam concludes his post by urging everyone to check out nutritional therapist Amelia Freer’s book, Eat. Nourish. Glow. He famously lost 14 pounds in 14 days under Amelia’s guidance.

“If you can, get @ameliafreer ‘s book, it genuinely helps,” he says. “There’s many people out there that can help. And I haven’t been paid to do this post…. I actually just watched supersize me haha and felt the need to post something. Especially after my experience over the last few months. Anyway, rant over. Just don’t want people to be sick, and want y’all to feel good.”

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Nick Gordon Mourns Bobbi Kristina on Social Media


Nick Gordon is still grieving over the untimely passing of Bobbi Kristina Brown, according to E!.

Gordon recently took to his Twitter account to share his feeling after losing his significant other on July 26 after she was in a coma for nearly seven months.

"I look at our pics sometimes it makes me smile sometime I cry @REALbkBrown #happymemories," Gordon, whose tweets are protected, posted on the social media site last Friday, according to E!.

He continued, "I'm so happy/blessed that I had @REALbkBrown in my life. i will always & forever love you."

Gordan did not attend the private funeral on August 1 for the daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown. Bobbi Kristina was later laid to rest next to her mother in New Jersey.

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Puscifer Plans Fall Tour, Announces "Money Shot" Track List

Credit: Tim CadientePuscifer will embark on a fall headlining tour in support of their forthcoming new album, Money Shot. The trek begins November 3 in Dallas and will conclude December 12 in Las Vegas. Visit for all ticket info.

"As is the Modus Operandi of Puscifer, there will be a whole new show to accompany the Money Shot release," says frontman Maynard James Keenan in a statement. "We've been leaving a few clues here and there as to what it may entail. As usual, we prefer to show rather than tell. Odds are if you've been a fan of the diverse nature of our performances in the past, you'll want to go ahead and place those bets."

Before the headlining tour kicks off, Puscifer will play the Monster Mash Music Festival in Tempe, Arizona on November 1. Keenan's other band, Tool, will also play Monster Mash, headlining the festival Halloween night.

Along with the tour dates, Puscifer also revealed the track list for Money Shot. The 10-track album will be released October 30.

Here are Puscifer's fall tour dates:

11/1 -- Phoenix, AZ, Monster Mash Festival
11/3 -- Dallas, TX, Majestic Theatre
11/4 -- Austin, TX, Bass Concert Hall
11/5 -- San Antonio, TX, Tobin Center
11/7 -- New Orleans, LA, Saenger Theatre
11/8 -- Atlanta, GA, Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center
11/10 -- Charlotte, NC, Ovens Auditorium
11/11 -- Bethesda, MD, Strathmore Theatre
11/12 -- Boston, MA, The Orpheum Theatre
11/14 -- New Haven, CT, Shubert Theatre
11/15 -- Philadelphia, PA, The Fillmore
11/17 -- New York, NY, Terminal 5
11/18 -- Albany, NY, Palace Theatre
11/20 -- Cincinnati, OH, Taft Theatre
11/21 -- Chicago, IL, Riviera Theatre
11/22 -- Kansas City, MO, Arvest Bank Theatre
11/24 -- Denver, CO, Bellco Theatre
11/25 -- Salt Lake City, UT, Kingsbury Hall
11/28 -- Portland, OR, Keller Auditorium
11/29 -- Spokane, WA, INB Performing Arts Center
11/30 -- Calgary, AB, Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium
12/2 -- Vancouver, BC, Queen Elizabeth Theatre
12/3 -- Seattle, WA, Paramount Theatre
12/6 -- Fresno, CA, Warnors Theatre
12/8 -- Oakland, CA, Fox Theater
12/10 -- Los Angeles, CA, Ace Theatre
12/11 -- Los Angeles, CA, Ace Theatre
12/12 -- Las Vegas, NV, The Pearl at The Palms Casino

And here's the Money Shot track list:

"Grand Canyon"
"Money Shot"
"The Arsonist"
"The Remedy"
"Smoke and Mirrors"
"Life of Brian (Apparently You Haven’t Seen)"

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CHVRCHES Share "Leave a Trace" Video 

Credit: Danny ClinchIn addition to writing big, anthemic synth-pop songs, CHVRCHES frontwoman Lauren Mayberry apparently has another talent: she can walk on water. In the video for CHVRCHES' new single "Leave a Trace," Mayberry does just that in a world of colorful clouds and flashing lights. You can watch the "Leave a Trace" video now on YouTube.

"Leave a Trace" is the lead single from Every Open Eye, CHVRCHES' forthcoming sophomore album. The track currently sits in the top 30 at Alternative radio.

CHVRCHES will be touring in support of Every Open Eye starting with a show in New York City's Central Park on September 29. Every Open Eye will be released September 25.

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Miranda Lambert Hosting 8th Cause for the Paws Fundraiser in Luckenbach, Texas

Becky FlukeMiranda Lambert is hosting her 8th Cause for the Paws event September 18 and 19 in Luckenbach, Texas. The two-day concert event will raise money for Miranda's Mutt Nation Foundation in their ongoing work to help animals in need across the country.

This year's concert, Cause for the Paws: Back to Basics, is inspired by Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson's 1977 hit, "Luckenbach, Texas (Back to the Basics of Love)." In keeping with that theme, Miranda has invited her songwriter friends Jessi Alexander, Jon Randall and Radney Foster. Gwen Sebastian also is slated to perform.

For ticket information, go to

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Pat Benatar Cancels Remainder of Summer Tour

Image Courtesy of Webster PRPat Benatar and Neil Giraldo have been forced to cancel the remainder of their summer tour due to an eye injury suffered by the guitarist.

Benatar shared the news with fans on her Facebook page late Sunday night.

“Dear Ones-It has been a crazy week ……Spyder’s eye injury was unexpected and terrifying,” she wrote.”Thanking God and the Universe that he was able to have surgery immediately and save his eye. He is healing nicely and expected to make a full recovery.”  Giraldo had emergency surgery a little more than a week ago and the pair were forced to cancel several dates at that time. Now the rest of the tour, which was set to wrap in Alaska on September 6, has been scrapped. 

“Unfortunately, not soon enough for us to continue the tour. He is unable to fly, exert himself or engage in any activity that could compromise the healing process,” she continued. “So with heavy hearts, we will have to cancel the scheduled dates, through Alaska.”

Benatar expressed disappointment that the couple will not be able to complete its 35th anniversary tour.

“We know this is such a huge disappointment for everyone, us included. We were having a blast out there, celebrating our milestone anniversary with all of you! Ya’ll were there every night...singing your hearts out, rockin’ like crazy!” she wrote. “We thank you for your never ending enthusiasm and dedication… are the BEST!”

Benatar said full refunds will be given at points of purchase.

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Carrie Underwood Making Big Announcement Thursday on Facebook

Sony Music NashvilleCarrie Underwood is making a big announcement during a fan chat on her Facebook page this Thursday at 5 p.m. ET. The Q&A most likely has to do with new music from Carrie. She's been working on a new studio album for quite a while now to follow up her 2012 release, Blown Away.

Look for Carrie to talk about her big news on Entertainment Tonight this Thursday. Check local listings for air time and channel.

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Rod Stewart to Fans After Las Vegas Gig: Have a Drink on Me!

PRNewsFoto/AEG Live & Caesars PalaceWho wouldn’t accept a free drink from Rod Stewart?

The singer -- who just wrapped up his latest string of performance dates at his Caesars Palace residency, Rod Stewart: The Hits -- tweeted an invitation for fans to join him after his Aug. 16 show at celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s pub for a drink, provided they came wearing a shirt supporting his favorite football team: Celtic FC.

Of course, there was another caveat in the offer: fans had to show a ticket stub from his show, proving they'd been at the gig.

Caesars posted video of Rod enjoying the night with fans at the restaurant. The rocker just completed his fourth year in residency at the casino.

“Thanks to @rodstewart it's free drinks at @GordonRamsay's #GRPub for anyone in a @celticfc jersey tonight!,” Caesars tweeted, along with the video.

Before the final show, Stewart reminded fans that he was serious about that pint: “Don’t forget to bring your ticket stub to the pub after Sunday’s show. Pints for concert attendees in @CelticFC jerseys!”

Rod initially extended the invite to his 226,000 Twitter followers on Aug. 14.  “To celebrate a very successful @CaesarsPalace run, after Sunday’s show, wear a @celticfc shirt to Gordon Ramsays Pub & I’ll buy you a beer,” he wrote.

This isn’t the last Las Vegas has seen of Stewart. He already signed another deal for 2016.

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