Steven Van Zandt's Netflix Series "Lilyhammer" Cancelled

F. Scott Schafer for NetflixLilyhammer, the Netflix drama starring guitarist Steven Van Zandt of Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band, has been cancelled. Netflix confirmed the decision Tuesday.

The streaming service's chief content officer, Ted Sarandos, told The Hollywood Reporter, "We're not going to continue with Lilyhammer, it's become a very economically-challenged deal because there's a partnership with the Norwegian broadcaster.

"It was very difficult to maintain the level of global exclusivity and control that we hope to with our shows with that show and the way it was structured with the Norwegian broadcaster. We're big fans of the show," he continued.  

Van Zandt -- who played a New York mob boss who relocated to the Norwegian city of Lillehammer after joining the witness protection program -- recently tweeted, "#Lilyhammer RIP. Not my decision. Let's just say for now the business got too complicated. Very proud of our 24 shows. New ideas on the way."

In addition to his starring role as Frank "The Fixer" Tagliano, Van Zandt also served as the series' executive producer, co-writer and musical director.

Three seasons of Lilyhammer were produced, the last of which premiered in November.

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Queen Latifah, Mary J. Blige Added to "The Wiz Live!"

Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage; Image Group LA/ABCQueen Latifah and Mary J. Blige will star in NBC's upcoming live musical production of The Wiz.

The network said Tuesday Latifah will play the Wiz, "the mysterious and powerful wizard who holds the keys to the Emerald City, but whose metamorphosis from ordinary to extraordinary is itself a hoax."

Latifah has past experience with musicals, having starred in the films Chicago, for which she earned an Oscar nomination, and Hairspray.

Blige, who starred in the 2012 movie adaptation of Broadway's Rock of Ages, will fill the role of the Wicked Witch of the West.

The Wiz Live! will air on NBC Thursday, December 3.

The Wiz initially opened on Broadway in 1975, re-imagining L. Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz in an African-American context. A movie adaptation hit theaters in 1978, starring Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Lena Horne and Richard Pryor. A Broadway revival will debut during the 2016-2017 season.

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Sam Smith Says Throat Operation Was "The Best Thing That Happened to Me, Ever" 

Image Group LA/ABCSam Smith had to cancel a slew of tour dates and festival appearances back in May when he had to undergo surgery due to a vocal cord hemorrhage, and then had to remain silent for weeks while he healed.  Sounds like a hellish experience, but the Grammy winner now says the experience was "the best thing that happened to me, ever."

Speaking to U.K.'s Magic Radio, Sam says the fact that he was forced to put the brakes on his red-hot career was a great thing.  "I feel like I've been gifted with time. I got to stop for a month and rest and become normal again, and realize how insanely my life has changed," he told the station. "In some areas, it's changed for the worse."

While Sam realizes that he really shouldn't complain about his life as a global pop superstar, he can't help but point out that there are some things about his fame that are less than desirable.

"It's really hard sometimes, some things are taken away from you, so it was beautiful for me to be able to kind of regain my normality a little bit," he explains. "Because it got to the point where my mum and dad were being put on guest lists to see me after shows. They didn't get to spend any time with their son, and that's not normal."

During the interview, Sam also talked about his impressive weight loss -- a result of completely changing his diet -- but bemoaned the fact that he could very easily put all the weight back on again.

"I just love food," he sighs. "I still love it, it's gonna be a battle for the rest of my life. It's not, like, this horrible diet that kills me -- when I want to eat something bad, I do it. But I've just got to stay on top of it, which is tough. I love fried chicken and cheese!"

In addition, Sam gave an update about his next album, the follow-up to the Grammy-winning smash In the Lonely Hour. 

"I mean, I'm already writing [new songs]," he told Magic. "I feel like I've already got the title to the album, I've got the concept to the album. I work in terms of concepts, when I find the thing I want to write about, I actually go out and physically do it." 

He laughs, "When I knew that the album was going to be called In the Lonely Hour, I think I subconsciously started being lonelier!"

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OMI Says He's "Thrilled" and "Humbled" by "Surreal" #1 Success of "Cheerleader"

Scott SchatekOMI's breakout hit "Cheerleader" is topping the Billboard Hot 100 chart for a third week, and the singer, born Omar Samuel Pasley, says he's proud to be representing for his "very small island" home of Jamaica.

"I mean, everything is surreal right now, you know what I mean? Because I’m from a very humble background, a very humble beginning -- a very small island, you know?" OMI tells ABC Radio. "So to be doing something that hadn’t been done in like 10, 12 years -- to be listed among great artists that came out of Jamaica -- it’s an honor and a privilege and I’m very humbled by it."

OMI is referring to topping the U.S. charts, which a Jamaican-born artist hasn't done since 2006, when Sean Paul hit #1 with "Temperature."

In addition to having the distinction of knocking "See You Again" out of the #1 spot after 12 weeks, "Cheerleader" also has gone platinum, reaching a million in sales and streams.  OMI says he's happy that the song, which has already been a worldwide hit, has finally taken off in America.

"It’s thrilling," OMI tells ABC Radio. "And I think it’s one of the markets that a lot of people try to become number one or go platinum in. So for me to be in this position, I’m just very honored, you know?"

So, is there a special lady who inspired "Cheerleader?"  Sadly, OMI says no.  "I mean, it’s a concept," he tells ABC Radio. "The song is pretty straightforward. For me it was a concept, [but] a lot of people are able to relate to it and it connects with a lot of people, you know?"

"Cheerleader" has had a lot of time to connect with a lot of people, because the original version -- not the #1 hit remix version -- first came out in 2012.  Not only that, but OMI says he wrote it "like seven years ago, eight years ago." Does that mean that he's already sick of singing the song?

He laughs, "I would say by now if I’m not tired of it already…There’s no getting tired of this song, mon!"  

Earlier this month, OMI played his first-ever U.S. tour dates.

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Nashville Notes

Burke/Triolo Productions/ThinkstockJewel teamed up with Dolly Parton for the new song "My Father's Daughter." The track will appear on Jewel's new album, Picking Up the Pieces, due out September 11.

Scotty McCreery shows off his hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina on the CNN Travel Insider segment airing Thursday, July 30 during the 10 a.m. ET hour on CNN.

Alabama will release their new album, Southern Drawl, on September 18. The project marks the band's first album of original material since 2001.

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Eric Church to Be Featured in New Country Music Hall of Fame Exhibit Opening Next Month

EB Media PREric Church will be featured in a new cameo exhibit opening at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville on September 18. It's called Eric Church: Inside the Outsider and will feature stage wear, guitars, song manuscripts and other items from Eric's personal collection.

Eric Church: Inside the Outsider will be open through February 2016.

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Neal Schon Says "Door Has Always Been Open" for Steve Perry to Sing with Journey Again

PRNewsFoto/Mascot Label GroupIt's been about 17 years since Steve Perry and Journey parted ways, and while the reclusive singer has rarely performed since then, the group's founding guitarist, Neal Schon, says he and his current band mates would welcome him with open arms if he wanted to sing with them again.

"The door has always been open, like I've said a zillion times," Schon tells ABC Radio.  "People ask me every day, 'Are you reuniting?'  Steve says, 'No,' and I say, 'You never know.'"

Schon explains that he and the rest of Journey, including current frontman Arnel Pineda, would be happy to have Perry join them for at least a one-off performance, if not more.

"[We] are always like, 'You ever want to come on and just sing a portion of one song, sing a part of a song with Arnel or sing the whole set, you're welcome anytime you want to come,'" Neal maintains.  "[Arnel is] not threatened.  Nobody's on any ego trip.  We don't have any bad feelings."

Having said that, Schon admits that and he and Perry aren't on the best of terms these days, although he insists that he has tried to keep the avenue of communication open.

"[Steve] says that we love each other but we don't like each other.  I don't know him well enough anymore to know if I like him," Neal says with a laugh.  "I know that I love him, but…I mean, he won't allow me to speak to him directly on the phone, and I write to him all the time and just say, 'Hey, what's up?  I hope you're doing well,' and that's it, you know?  And sometimes he writes back and sometimes he doesn't."

Schon tells ABC Radio that regardless of the status of their relationship, he truly appreciates what he and Perry accomplished together when they were band mates.

"All's we did was create timeless music.  And so for that I'm very grateful," says Neal.  "And I'm sure he is too.  He said that he is.  But, you know, we're grown men and so it's time to take the chips off the shoulder and to grow up and let the kids be kids."

He calls Perry "truly one of the greatest [vocalists] of all time."

Meanwhile, Schon says he was glad to see that Steve took to the stage to perform again last year, referring to the handful surprise guest appearances Perry made at club shows by the indie-rock act Eels.

"I was just happy to see him get out there," Neal maintains, adding, with a chuckle, "I thought it was quite ironic the places that he chose to do it.  But, you know, I was glad to see him sing and hope that he would do more, actually."

Schon currently is on a Canadian tour with Journey that winds down this Monday, August 3, in St. Johns, Newfoundland.  Neal's own side project has been opening the shows, playing songs from his recent solo album, Vortex.

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Tiny Planned on Signing Bobbi Kristina as an Artist


As the world continues to mourn over the untimely passing of 22-year-old Bobbi Kristina Brown, we are learning new details about her singing aspirations. While promoting her VH1 reality show, Tameka "Tiny" Cottle tells ABC Radio that she actually planned on signing the young talent prior to her unfortunate demise.

"I was interested in signing her and, you know, making her an artist, I had heard something that she had did on some video and she was singing and I was like, 'Yo! Find me Bobbi Kristina!'" Tiny recalls. She adds that they spoke about "getting together," but the timing was never right.  "It was just that our schedules were not letting us -- I was out of town with Tip all the time and she was in Atlanta a lot, she was shooting her show  --  but we were planning on working together and making some music," Tiny adds.

"I just felt like she was talented and maybe the world needed to see that, but yup it didn't happen and I'm just really sad that we didn't get to do anything," she says.

While she's saddened by the news, Tiny says she's impressed with Bobby Brown for doing everything possible to keep his daughter alive: "I'm just so proud of Bobby for holding on so long, you know, because he was really keeping her alive, because that's what a daddy is supposed to do." 

A source confirmed to ABC News that Bobbi will be laid to rest this Saturday, August 1, at St. James United Methodist Church in Alpharetta, Georgia. The burial will be in Westfield, New Jersey at the Fairview Cemetery on Monday August 3 -- the same location where her late mother Whitney Houston is buried.

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Dave Grohl Describes Teenage Time Killers as "Hardcore Karaoke"

Rise RecordsDave Grohl is one of dozens of musicians to contribute to Greatest Hits Vol. 1, the debut album from Teenage Time Killers. Grohl plays bass on the record, which also features Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor, Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio and Blink-182, former Queens of the Stone Age bassist Nick Oliveri, Foo Fighters guitarist Pat Smear and Lamb of God's Randy Blythe.

"It was like hardcore karaoke with a bass," Grohl tells Rolling Stone. "I just sat there, ripping to my favorite drummer [Corrosion of Conformity's] Reed Mullin and my favorite vocalists -- Randy from Lamb of God, and f****** Neil Fallon, the singer of Clutch, and Pete [Stahl], the singer of Scream."

Teenage Time Killers was co-created by Mullin. The band name is an apt one, because Mullin was Grohl's favorite drummer as a teen.

"Reed was my drumming hero when I was 15 or 16 years old," Grohl says. "Corrosion of Conformity had a record called Animosity, which was one of the defining albums of that hardcore-metal genre. It's a classic."

"This kid would approach me every time we'd play D.C.," adds Mullin. "It ended up being Dave Grohl, and he followed me around and learned how I did triplets and stuff like that. It took him, like, two weeks to figure out all the s*** I knew how to do."

Part of Greatest Hits Vol. 1 was recorded in Grohl's Studio 606 in California, the home of the famed Sound City mixing board. The Foo Fighters frontman plays bass on 11 of the album's 20 tracks.

"It's probably my favorite instrument to play standing up," Grohl says. "My schedule was crazy, so I went in and knocked out a bunch in one day. I don't even remember how many."

"It was really fun," he adds. "Then I continued doing Foo Fighters s***, Sonic Highways stuff, and a little while later, [engineer John] Lou [Lousteau] said, 'Hey, we finished mixing the Teenage Time Killers record.' I was like, 'Oh, that's right. Let me hear it.' He gave me a copy and the f****** thing was stuck in my CD player in my car for months. I listened to it every single f****** day."

Greatest Hits Vol. 1 will be released on July 31.

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Brantley Gilbert Opens Up About His Dad's New Earrings

Valory Music Co.Brantley Gilbert is one of the more colorful country stars today, and it sounds like he's cut from the same cloth as his father. Brantley recently had his dad move onto his farm in Alabama, and Brantley says the state is "rubbin' off on him, slowly but surely."

The move has caused Brantley's dad to expand his views on guys wearing earrings, too.

"I thought he was gonna kill me when I got my ears pierced," Brantley admits, "and he called me one night and he said, 'You ain’t gonna believe this.' I said, 'I think you’re right, but go ahead, shoot.' He said, 'I’m just gonna send you a picture.' I said, 'All right.'"

Brantley was quite shocked when the picture of his dad came through.

Says Brantley, "He got his ears pierced, but they’re studs."

Country stars like Brantley and Jason Aldean are known for wearing little hoop earrings, but studs are usually associated with rap acts. You shouldn't have to worry about Brantley featuring his dad on a new song, though.

Brantley says with a laugh, "He’s not gonna break out mad beats or nothing."

Next up, Brantley joins Kenny Chesney and Jason Aldean for a show this Saturday at Arrowhead Stadium in St. Louis.  

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Miranda Lambert Shares Songs with Songwriter Friends and Karen Fairchild at Nashville Club Show

Sony Music NashvilleMiranda Lambert performed with her songwriter friends and her favorite up-and-coming female acts Tuesday night at Nashville's 3rd and Lindsley. The sold-out show was set up as a songwriter round, which meant Miranda sat on the stage with her special guests throughout the night.

Miranda admitted she was nervous as the show got started with her performance of "Bathroom Sink," a song about facing self-rejection from her latest album, Platinum.  She also mentioned that she had been writing a lot this past week with her fellow songwriters onstage, including Jessi Alexander, Natalie Hemby, Luke Laird and Jon Randall. That means you can expect to hear Miranda's emotions following her divorce from Blake Shelton show up on her next album.

Speaking of Blake, his music was played over the speakers for a solid hour before the show started. When it came time for Miranda's second song of the night, she admitted she was getting by on a lot of caffeine and sad songs these days. In keeping with that sad song theme, Miranda launched into the cheating song, "Dear Diamond," which she recorded a few years back with Patty Loveless. Miranda wore a sparkly Patty Loveless tour T-shirt throughout the night.


Just another Sunday in the South. @mirandalambert and friends.

A video posted by Hunter Kelly (@nashvillehk) on Jul 28, 2015 at 6:18pm PDT


Little Big Town's Karen Fairchild made a special appearance to sing with Miranda on her latest single, "Smokin' and Drinkin'." Karen also sang "Pontoon" for the audience and returned to the stage at the end of the night to trade vocals with Miranda on "Girl Crush."

The other writers onstage mostly sang hits they had written for other acts with Miranda singing backup. Jessi Alexander sang two hits she'd written for Blake -- "Drink on It" and "Mine Would Be You." Natalie Hemby sang lead vocals on the songs she's written with or for Miranda, including "Baggage Claim," "White Liar" and "Virginia Bluebell," which is a song of hope Miranda says she's been listening to a lot in the past week.

Newcomers RaeLynn, Clare Dunn and Courtney Cole all performed their new songs. Miranda will take all three of those acts on the road this fall.

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<script async defer src="//"></script>

Kelly Clarkson Covers "Most Family" Tove Lo Hit in Concert 

ABC/ Ida Mae AstuteKelly Clarkson's fan request-a-palooza continues!  Each night, the singer performs a cover version of a different artist's song, as requested by a fan.  Her most recent performance, in Michigan, was Tove Lo's smash "Habits (Stay High)." 

"Tonight, this song is for Josh. He didn't put his last name," Kelly told the crowd.  "Josh wanted me to sing like three Tove Lo songs but here's the thing about Tove Lo. It's not real family so I had to pick the most family one out of them, so here you go."  She added, "I'm gonna try and keep it family."  That she did, changing the lyric "at night I go to sex clubs" to "at night I go to sexy clubs."

Tove Lo's other hit, "Talking Body," contains numerous repetitions of the "F" word.  Another Tove Lo song that Kelly is a fan of, "Moments," also features the "F" word.

So far on Kelly's current tour, she's covered songs ranging from Nick Jonas' "Jealous" to Rihanna's "B**h Better Have My Money" to 'N SYNC's "Bye Bye Bye."

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Lollapalooza Sets by Paul McCartney, Metallica & Others to Be Streamed Live

MJ Kim; Courtesy of BB Gun PressGreat news for rock fans who can't make it out to Chicago's Grant Park this weekend to attend the Lollapalooza 2015 festival!: Sets by a variety of artists, including headliners Paul McCartney and Metallica, will be streamed live online.

The Red Bull TV website is hosting a live stream that will be viewable online over three channels from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. CT each day of the fest, which runs from Friday, July 31, to Sunday, August 2.  Among the many other artists whose Lollapalooza performances will be streamed are Florence + the Machine, Alabama Shakes, TV on the Radio, Gary Clark Jr. and many other popular and lesser-known modern-rock acts.

McCartney's set is scheduled to begin at 7:45 p.m. CT on Friday, while Metallica's performance will start at 8 p.m. CT on Saturday.  This will mark the first time one of Sir Paul's shows has been streamed live online in nearly two years.

You can watch the live stream at Lollapalooza.RedBull.TV; the full schedule will be revealed on Thursday, according to Consequence of Sound.  To view the festival's complete lineup, visit

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Paul McCartney's Lollapalooza 2015 Set to Be Streamed Live Online This Friday

Credit: MJ KimGreat news for Paul McCartney fans who can't make it out to Chicago's Grant Park this Friday to see the Beatles legend perform at the 2015 Lollapalooza festival: Sir Paul is one of the select artists whose sets will be streamed live online.

The Red Bull TV website is hosting a live stream that will be viewable online over three channels from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. CT each day of the fest, which runs from Friday, July 31, to Sunday, August 2.  Among the many other artists whose Lollapalooza performances will be streamed are Metallica, Florence + the Machine, Alabama Shakes, Gary Clark Jr. and a variety of popular and lesser-known modern-rock acts.

McCartney's set is scheduled to run from 7:45 p.m. to 10 p.m. CT.  This will mark the first time one of the rock legend's shows has been streamed live online in nearly two years.

You can watch the live stream at Lollapalooza.RedBull.TV; the full schedule will be revealed on Thursday.  To view the festival's complete lineup, visit

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Macklemore Admits He Relapsed Last Year: “I Just Wanted to Escape”

ABC/Lou RoccoIn a new cover story with Complex magazine, Macklemore reveals he relapsed with drugs last year. The rapper -- birth name Ben Haggerty -- blames the trappings of fame for his slip-up and says he “just wanted to escape.”

"I held it together for a while. But, eventually, I stopped going to my 12-step meetings," he tells the mag. "I was burnt out. I was super-stressed. We weren't sleeping -- doing a show every day, zigzagging all over the country.”

He adds, “In terms of the media I was getting put into a box that I never saw for myself. The pressure and the fame--everything. All the clichés, man -- like not being able to walk around, having no privacy, and from this TV appearance to this TV appearance, and the criticism, and the lack of connection, and the lack of meetings -- all of that put into one pie was just...I just wanted to escape."

Macklemore says he first started taking sleeping pills, then moved on to marijuana. He struggled with the addiction all through last summer. He finally decided to sober up when his fiancée, Tricia Davis, became pregnant with their first child.

"I have to keep myself on point and be the best version of myself for this child to be the best version of itself,” he says.

He’s also back in the studio with musical partner Ryan Lewis. He says they are about "three-fourths" of the way finished recording the follow-up to 2012's The Heist. The new album is due out later this year.

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Avant Announces Comeback Album, "The VIII"

MO-B Entertainment/Capitol Music GroupAvant is gearing up for a comeback. The singer announced that fans will soon get to hear his eighth studio album The VIII, which means "The Eighth," later this fall.

The singer intends to give fans a candid reflection of his life on the thirteen-song project. “I try to keep everything in perspective as things just go on in life. I’m a writer that writes from real life -- a narrative. I try to write from what I see… I keep it fresh and new for the people,” states the Cleveland native. “With all my music, I want to leave classics that everyone will remember and be a part of the soundtrack of their lives.”

Led by the first single, “Special,” The VIII will be released on September 25 via MO-B Entertainment/Capitol Music Group.

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50 Cent Opens Up About His Bankruptcy 

ABC/Fred LeeAfter filing for bankruptcy, 50 Cent couldn't care less about what people have to say about his financial hardship.

During an in-depth interview with Larry King, the mogul candidly discusses his recent legal troubles and responds to the media scrutiny.  "I’ve seen so many things said about me on social networking at points and when you don’t anticipate it, it lands a little harder on you...I can see what’s going to come from people," he says, adding, "It’s strategic. It’s a move that’s necessary for me to make at this point."

The rapper, who has been shot nine times, adds that he's overcome greater adversity. "It makes me feel like there’s nothing that can be in front of me that can be more difficult than what I’ve already experienced. I’ve been through the tougher parts of my life already," he says.

As previously reported, the rapper recently explained that his bankruptcy filing is a business move following a jury verdict earlier this month ordering him to pay at least $5 million in damages to Lastonia Leviston, for posting a sex tape of her online in 2009.

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Katy Perry Convent Dispute Headed to Court

Monty Brinton/CBSIn one corner, we have Katy Perry and the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. And in the other corner, we have two elderly nuns. Both sides have very different ideas regarding the sale of a California convent, and the battle over the sale continues in court this week.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge James Chalfant will preside over a court hearing on the sale set for Thursday.

To recap: Katy is trying to purchase a former Los Feliz convent. The archdiocese wants Katy to have the property, but the nuns don't. In fact, Sister Rita Callahan and Sister Catherine Rose have already signed over the convent to restauranteur Dana Hollister. The archdiocese has contested the sale in court, claiming only the archbishop has the right to sell the property.

In court papers filed Friday, attorneys for the archdiocese allege Hollister swindled the nuns into selling her the convent. They argue that Hollister paid "just $44,000" of the $15.5 million purchase price, and doesn’t have to pay the rest until a later date. They say that Hollister knew the elderly nuns were in a “fragile financial condition,” and insist that “the transaction should be declared void as a product of elder abuse.”

This week’s court hearing will decide whether or not the sale to Hollister is valid.

Katy is reportedly willing to pay $14.5 million in cash for the convent. The singer, who was raised in a devout Christian family, apparently became interested in the convent three years ago and wants to make it her home.

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Lollapalooza Sets by Metallica, Florence + the Machine & Others to Be Streamed Live 

Fresh and Clean Media/C3 Presents/WMEGreat news for rock fans who can't make it out to Chicago's Grant Park this weekend to attend the Lollapalooza 2015 festival: Sets by a variety of artists, including headliners Metallica and Florence + the Machine, will be streamed live online.

The Red Bull TV website is hosting a live stream that will be viewable online over three channels from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. CT each day of the fest, which runs from Friday, July 31, to Sunday, August 2.  Among the many other artists whose Lollapalooza performances will be streamed are Alt-J, Alabama Shakes, Of Monsters and Men, TV on the Radio, Walk the Moon, James Bay, Cold War Kids, Death from Above 1979 and Glass Animals.

Metallica's performance will start at 8 p.m. CT on Saturday, and Florence + the Machine will hit the main stage at 8:30 p.m. CT on Sunday.

You can watch the live stream at Lollapalooza.RedBull.TV. To view the festival's complete lineup, visit

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Taylor Swift Shares Behind-the-Scenes Clips from "Bad Blood" Video

Big Machine RecordsTaylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” continues to dominate the pop charts, so to celebrate, Taylor has been posting some behind-the-scenes footage from the song's star-studded video.

The first clip she posted on Instagram features Frostbyte, played by model Lily Aldridge. Taylor and Lily are seen filming their fight scene in a wintry setting.

"To get to do this, and work and play and be these awesome strong women that we are, it's so fun," Lily says in the video.

In the second clip Taylor shared, Empire actress Serayah discusses her character, Dilemma. Her scene takes place in a locker room and she punches a wall right before Taylor struts into frame.

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"So I'm ready..." -Dilemma @serayah Vote for VMAs! Link is in my bio.

A video posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

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