Report: Ice Cube to Play Scrooge in "Humbug"

ABC/Jeff NeiraIce Cube reportedly is set for another movie role. 

According to Deadline, the rapper is planning to star in Humbug, a modern film adaptation of Charles Dickens' classic story A Christmas Carol. Cube will portray the lead character, Scrooge,  as a hardened real estate mogul who is humbled by visits from the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future.

According to the report, Cube serves as a producer for the film, which is being directed by Tim Story. The pair previously worked together on 2002's Barbershop, 2014's Ride Along, which co-stars Kevin Hart, and Ride Along 2, hitting theaters January 15.

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Chris Brown Releases New Single, "Zero"

Image Courtesy Eliot Lee Hazel/RCA Records

Chris Brown has surprised fans with a brand-new single, “Zero.”

In the up-tempo tune, Breezy sings about an emotionally unavailable woman who hurt him but now wants him back.

"Gave a hundred percent but all I got from you, zero/ I thought you were the one, then you turned around/ Found somebody better, like I never met ya," Brown sings on the track, which be available to download on digital retailers Friday, September 18.

"Zero" is lifted from his upcoming, seventh album Royalty, due this fall. The set also will include the lead single "Liquor."

In related news, Brown has announced that he's heading to Australia with August Alsina for a tour that will run from December 8 through 18.

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Bring Me the Horizon, Slayer on Pace for Top-Five Debut on "Billboard" 200 

Image Courtesy of Columbia RecordsBring Me the Hoizon's That's the Spirit and Slayer's Repentless could both debut in the top five on the Billboard 200. Industry forecasters predict that both That's the Spirit and Repentless may sell around 50,000 equivalent album units in their first week of sales.

If the prediction holds true, That's the Spirit would be Bring Me the Horizon's first top-five album on the Billboard 200. The U.K. band's last album, 2013's Sempiternal, debuted at number 11 on the chart.

As for Slayer, Repentless would be the band's second top-five album on the Billboard 200, following their 2006 album, Christ Illusion, which debuted at number five.

If both Bring Me the Horizon and Slayer debut in the top-five of the Billboard 200, that will make two consecutive weeks where two metal bands charted in the top-five. Last week's chart saw Five Finger Death Punch debut at number two with Got Your Six and Iron Maiden bow at number four with The Book of Souls.

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Metric Explores the "Super Pure Version of the Synth Love Affair" on "Pagans in Vegas" 

Credit: Norman WongMetric's new album, called Pagans in Vegas, is released today, September 18. While the band has always been influenced by electronic music, Emily Haines and company dive head first into the world of synthesizers on on Pagans in Vegas.

"It's one where we went for a super pure version of the synth love affair," Haines tells ABC Radio. "On [Metric's 2012 album] Synthetica, we were always trying to do what we're always trying to do, which is integrate everything to every single song, and this time we kinda played around with separating out the parts."

While Metric didn't initially plan on making a new album, both Haines and guitarist Jimmy Shaw "accidentally" found themselves writing new material, which would become the basis of Pagans in Vegas.

"My stuff is definitely more the 'pagans' and [Shaw's] stuff is kinda more the 'Vegas,'" Haines explains. "So we decided that instead of trying to churn, like, a Nicaraguan folk weird guitar tuning climate change anthem into something that's got every instrument, live drums, live everything, we just kind of let every song be who it is and we just follow it."

That approach is evident in the first two songs Metric released from Pagans in Vegas: "Cascades" -- perhaps the most electronic song the band has ever recorded -- and the lead single, "The Shade."

"'Cascades' is more like the one that represents the furthest that we went into the electronic world, where there's almost no other instruments other than synths and drum machines, and even the vocal is treated highly with synthesizers," Shaw tells ABC Radio. "It's kind of representative of the fact that we were letting each thing truly be what it was as opposed to then trying to move it over into what Metric has been and what we also do in other places."

As for "The Shade," the song naturally formed into an upbeat, anthemic song, despite Haines' best efforts.

"I tried to rewrite that song so may time because I kept trying to make it really dark. I literally tried to make it about climate change," Haines laughs. "It's like having a friend who doesn't know how to just sit on the edge of a cliff and watch the sunset. The song would not withstand that kind of abuse, and so we ended up just sticking with this, hopefully, just moment of feeling alive and not overthinking it."

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Lionel Richie Insists Nicole Richie and Joel Madden's Marriage Is Fine

Ethan Miller/Getty ImagesDespite recent rumors, Lionel Richie insists his daughter, Nicole Richie, and her husband Joel Madden are not splitting up.

"I'm going to set the record straight," the 66-year-old singer tells E! Online. "They are so happy."

Rumors of a split began to circulate after moving vans were spotted outside Nicole and Joel's house back in May, but Lionel explains, "No, they were moving out of their old house and moving into the new house."

"They're doing so well," he notes. "I just saw them two nights ago. We had dinner and the whole thing, and they are so happy in their new house."

Adds Richie, "They actually had a laugh at it, but it started getting serious, and they kept saying, 'No, no, no, it's not true.'"

The reality star, 33, and the Good Charlotte lead vocalist, 36, tied the knot in 2010. They have a seven-year-old daughter and six-year-old son.

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Naughty Boy Single Featuring Beyoncé Released

Capitol RecordsBeyoncé fans got some good news on Thursday with the release of her first piece of music in almost a year.

Queen Bey appears on British DJ Naughty Boy's new single "Runnin' (Lose It All)," along with fellow Brit Arrow Benjamin.

The power ballad opens with Bey singing contemplatively, "These four lonely walls have changed the way I feel. I'm standing still and nothing else matters now, you are not here. So where are you? I've been calling you, I'm missing you."

The tempo picks up at the chorus with her triumphantly  declaring, "I ain't running from myself no more, I'm ready to face it all."

The accompanying music video shows a couple running toward each other underwater on the ocean floor and culminates in a long, passionate embrace.

The duet is the first piece of music released featuring Beyoncé since last November's "7/11" and "Ring Off" from the album Beyoncé: Platinum Edition.

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REO Speedwagon Frontman Says Band Will Dedicate "Every Show We Do for the Foreseeable Future" to Gary Richrath

Image Courtesy of CMTREO Speedwagon continues to mourn the death of founding lead guitarist Gary Richrath, who passed away this past Sunday at age 64 of unrevealed causes.  Frontman Kevin Cronin tells Billboard that the band will be "dedicating every show we do for the foreseeable future, probably forever, to Gary," who left the group back in 1989.

"Every song we play, Gary's all over it for me; we either wrote it together, produced it together, rehearsed it together, arranged it together, fought over parts that we played," Cronin explains.  "So every song that comes by, as I'm singing it I'm also seeing him in my mind, feeling those stories about Gary."

The singer also maintains that the sadness he and his band mates are experiencing over the loss of Richrath have been mixed with positive feelings, as they have been celebrating Gary and his music at their shows.

"Everybody feels like Gary is back in the band," Cronin tells Billboard.  "It's a weird feeling, but it's like he's in our thoughts and in our minds more now than he's been for years.  It's ironic and it's sad, but it's also joyful."

Kevin adds that "the energy in our concerts since his death has been on a different level, and his spirit and his energy has actually had an energizing effect on us."

It was Richrath who invited Cronin to join REO Speewagon in 1972, when Kevin was just 19 years old.  The singer says, "I learned pretty much everything I know about being in a rock 'n' roll band from Gary Richrath.  He was like the big brother I never had."

In Richrath's honor, Cronin has been playing a brief acoustic set at the beginning of REO Speedwagon's recent gigs, and the band also has added "Golden Country," a 1972 tune penned by Gary, to its set list.

While Richrath's departure from REO Speedwagon was acrimonious, Cronin tells Billboard that he was happy that he and the guitarist had the opportunity to reconcile not long ago.  Gary even joined his old band at a December 2013 benefit concert for tornado victims in Bloomington, Illinois.

"We did have that cathartic moment that a lot of times people don't get the chance to have," says Kevin.  "I'm extremely lucky that happened, because I can't imagine how I would feel now having all that still inside me and not having it expressed."

While Richrath's cause of death hasn't been unannounced, Cronin tells Billboard that Gary's wife informed him that the guitarist had undergone an abdominal procedure shortly before he died and was hospitalized when he passed away.  Kevin also reports that the band plans to attend a private memorial for Richrath that will be held soon in his hometown of Peoria, Illinois.

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Lyfe Jennings Releases Video for "Talkin About Love" Featuring Demetria McKinney

Sony Music Entertainment

Lyfe Jennings keeps romance alive in the new music video for his new duet "Talkin About Love" featuring singer/actress Demetria McKinney.

In the G Visuals-directed video, which was filmed in Atlanta, the crooner courts his collaborator while spending a romantic day in a wooded park.

"Sometimes love comes in disguise / You won’t see it if you only try to see with your eyes / If you start using your heart, you’ll realize it’s been right there all the time," sings Lyfe in the clip, posted on YouTube.

"Talkin About Love" is lifted from Lyfe's latest album, Tree of Lyfe, available in stores now.

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T.I. Says It's Iggy Azalea's "Decision" If She Damages Her Career; Iggy Responds

Atlantic Records/Warwick SaintT.I. has spoken up on where he stands professionally with Iggy Azalea, who he mentored and helped in the early stages of her career.

In an interview with Billboard, Tip speaks openly about whether or not Iggy has ruined her image after spending a lot of time ranting on social media last year. "I think that's her decision if she allows it to be damaged," T.I. tells Billboard. "Her actions will determine how much it will be damaged. The ball is still in her court."

After catching wind of his comments, Iggy responded via Twitter. "Here's the deal, I am still signed to @tip and do business with him. The first I've heard of us having an 'issue' is via a radio interview," she wrote. "Personally, i don't think the radio is the place to talk about your personal issues with someone that's part of your team..."

Iggy adds, "He seems to think theres nothing wrong with what he said, everybody else seems to disagree.  Im sure tip will publicly clarify what he meant when he feels he has the right platform to do so and other than that, im chillin."

TMZ reports the pair mutually parted ways in 2013, when she signed with Island Def Jam. Iggy was initially signed to Tip's Grand Hustle label where she released her 2012 album Glory.

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Chris Cornell Releases New Song, "Worried Moon" 

Image Courtesy of 42 WestOn Wednesday, Chris Cornell launched an online treasure hunt to unlock a new song from the Soundgarden frontman's forthcoming solo album, Higher Truth.  If you couldn't solve the riddle, you can still listen to the track, which is called "Worried Moon," now at

Like the album's lead single "Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart," "Worried Moon" is an acoustically driven track that shows off Cornell's folkier side, which he has recently embraced for Higher Truth.

Tonight, Cornell will be performing "Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart" on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, which airs at 11:35 p.m. ET on NBC.

Higher Truth will be released tomorrow, September 18.  Cornell will kick off his solo acoustic tour that same day in San Diego.

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Rachel Platten Tops Another "Billboard" Chart with "Fight Song"

Columbia RecordsRachel Platten's "Fight Song" shows no signs of ending the battle.  The self-empowerment anthem has just collected its third #1.

Back in August, the song first topped Billboard's Adult Pop Songs chart for four weeks.  Then, earlier this month, it debuted at #1 on the Official U.K. Singles chart.  Now, it's reached #1 on Billboard's Adult Contemporary chart.  On the main Hot 100 chart, it reached #6.

In addition, "Fight Song" has just about crossed the two million mark in downloads. Rachel tweeted a link to an article containing that fact, along with the note, "You guys. You did this."  She followed it with a lot of emojis with hearts for eyes.

Meawhile, Rachel's new song "Stand by You" is out now, but it's not officially the next single from her forthcoming album -- Billboard calls it a "stand-alone single."  "Fight Song" was taken from on an EP of the same name.  There's no title or release date yet for Rachel's album.

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Don Henley Says Dolly Parton Was in the Hospital Just Before Shooting "When I Stop Dreaming" Video

Webster PRDolly Parton walked out of the hospital in Los Angeles a few months ago to film the video for her collaboration with Don Henley, "When I Stop Dreaming." During a keynote address at the Americana Music Festival in Nashville Thursday, Don says Dolly got up out of the hospital bed to shoot the clip. She told him, "I've got a medical issue, but I'm gonna be there."

Don says he guesses Dolly went back to the hospital after shooting the video. He goes on to say Dolly thanked everyone on set before leaving.

According to Dolly's rep, she's now in great health. Look for her to make several media appearances in the coming weeks to promote the NBC TV movie based on her childhood, Coat of Many Colors, premiering December 10.

"When I Stop Dreaming" is included on Don's new album, Cass County, due out September 25.

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Rihanna Won't Join Taylor Swift on Stage: "I Just Don't Think It Makes Sense"

ABC/Lou Rocco; ABC/Ida Mae AstuteThis summer during her 1989 tour, Taylor Swift has managed to get stars from many different musical genres to join her on stage.  But one of today's biggest pop stars says she won't be performing alongside Tay any time soon -- because it wouldn't "make sense."

Rihanna is featured on the cover of the British publication NME, and she tells the magazine, "I don't think I would [join Taylor on stage].  I just don’t think it makes sense. I don’t think our brands are the same, I don’t think they match, I don’t think our audiences are the same."

She adds, "In my mind she’s a role model, I’m completely not."

Rihanna also gives NME an update on her long-awaited new album:  she says she's still working on it, but plans to deliver "something great" for her fans.  While Rihanna had previously released been on an "album a year" schedule, it's now been three years since her last one.

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Ryan Adams' Taylor Swift "1989" Covers Album Gets Release Date; She Says It's "Surreal" 

PAX-AM/Blue NoteThis summer, Taylor Swift was delighted to hear that acclaimed singer/songwriter Ryan Adams was recording an entire album of covers of the songs on her chart-topping disc 1989.  Well, now the album has a release date, you can hear the first single, and Taylor's just as thrilled.

The album will be available this Monday September 21, digitally, and he's just premiered the first single, "Bad Blood."  It's the first full-length song from the project that Adams has released; he's previously teased snippets of his takes on songs like "Blank Space" and "Style."  Adams' version is a bit moodier and more rock influenced than the original, but he hasn't changed it too much.

Taylor reacted to the news of the release by tweeting, "Ryan's music helped shape my songwriting. This is surreal and dreamlike."

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Mary J. Blige Announces Tour with Tamar Braxton 

Image Courtesy Peter Kramer/NBCMary J. Blige is getting ready to hit the road this fall. The Queen of Hip-Hop Soul has announced dates for a North American tour, officially dubbed “MJB Live!”

Blige revealed via Twitter that she’s bringing fellow R&B powerhouse Tamar Braxton along with her for the 12-date outing, beginning on October 30 in Augusta, GA. Tamar will accompany Blige on only four dates, including Columbus, Tampa and Orlando, before the trek concludes November 15 in Mashantucket, CT.

The tour will further promote Mary's latest album, The London Sessions, as well as Tamar's new album, Calling All Lovers, arriving October 2.

Tickets are on sale now via Ticketmaster. Here are the official tour dates:

10/30 -- Augusta, GA, James Brown Arena
10/31 -- Columbus, GA, Columbus Civic Center
11/1 -- Durham, NC, DPAC
11/3 -- Jackson, MS, Jackson Convention Complex
11/4 -- Memphis, TN, The Orpheum Theatre Memphis
11/6 -- Jacksonville, FL, Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena
11/7 -- Orlando, FL, CFE Arena
11/8 -- Tampa, FL, USF Sun Dome
11/10 -- Florence, SC, Florence Civic Center
11/13 -- Atlantic City, NJ, Borgata Events Center
11/14 -- Buffalo, NY, Sheas Performing Arts Center
11/15 -- Mashantucket, CT, The Grand Theater at Foxwoods Resort Casino

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Brantley Gilbert Honors Fallen Heroes with Massive Chattanooga Unite Concert

Valory Music Co.More than 80,000 people showed up to help Brantley Gilbert honor five fallen service members at Wednesday night's Chattanooga Unite: A Tribute on the River event.  The concert served as a tribute to the military personnel who were killed in a July 16 shooting at a military recruitment facility in Chattanooga.

During the show, Brantley told the crowd, "We all know why we’re here. We’re here to mourn and we’re here to grieve but we’re also here to celebrate the lives and the legacies of those we lost."

Family and friends of the fallen soldiers were on hand for the concert. Brantley told them, " We can’t bring your husbands, brothers or sons back, but hopefully we can make you smile tonight."

Trace Adkins, Colt Ford, Harry Connick, Jr., Jamey Johnson and Aaron Lewis also performed during the concert. Chattanooga native Samuel L. Jackson emceed the event. Donations from the concert have now topped $230,000 with proceeds going to The National Compassion Fund.

You can donate at

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Katy Perry Goes Auburn (but Not Permanently) for "Harper's Bazaar" ICONS Party 

Michael Stewart/FilmMagicAt this point, we've lost track of how many colors Katy Perry's hair has been, but she debuted a new one Wednesday night in New York City when she performed at a party celebrating the Harper's Bazaar ICONS issue, in which she was featured.

Walking the carpet in a Saint Laurent dress with a thigh-high slit, Katy showed off long, tumbling auburn locks. A behind-the-scenes series of photos, though, reveals that it was just a wig: she hasn't actually dyed her hair that color.

Then, she changed into a huge green dress decorated with leaves and flowers to perform a five-song set for the assembled stars, who included Mariah Carey, Jaden Smith, Julianne Hough, Gig Hadid, Michelle Rodriguez, Kendal Jenner, Kate Upton, Bella Thorne, Kim Raver and many top fashion names.  The set included "Roar," "Teenage Dream" and "Firework."

Thanking the assembled fashionistas for inviting her, Katy told the audience, "I always feel like an outcast or a black sheep because I'm no longer sample size."

Later that same night, Katy went out clubbing in a pink wig.

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Report: Jay Z & Beyonce Charter a Luxe $900,000-a-Week Yacht for Her Birthday Vacation

Cliff Lipson/CBS

Beyonce recently shared photos of a trip to Italy with her husband, Jay Z, and their daughter, Blue Ivy, on Instagram.

The singer, who just celebrated her 34th birthday, reportedly toasted the occasion with lots of time on a $900,000-a-week yacht called the Galactica Star, which traveled through Naples and Capri and later went on to the Amalfi Coast and Sardinia.

“It’s tradition now,” an insider tells Us Weekly of their trip to Italy. “Almost every September, they head to Italy and France and charter an überluxe yacht for a week or two.”

It seems their daughter had fun too, based on pictures posted to social media. “Now that Blue’s older, they enjoy showing her the places they’ve grown to love,” the source continues.

As far as those baby rumors, the source adds: “They are trying to have another baby, but it hasn’t happened just yet, but they are working on it.”

The news comes after Jay Z wrote on his wife's website on her birthday that the song "Yellow" by Coldplay reminded him of her.

“This song reminds me of you and I on vacation,” he shared. "'Look at the stars; look how they shine for you.' So many legendary nights. It represents vulnerability; it's us in our own world, away from work and totally lost in love."

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Hollywood Vampires Play Debut Concert

Credit: Todd NakamineThe Hollywood Vampires, the new all-star group led by Alice Cooper and actor Johnny Depp, played their debut concert Wednesday at the Roxy Theatre in West Hollywood, California.  While a variety of famous rockers contributed to the band's just released self-titled debut album, the live version of the group featured a core lineup that included Aerosmith's Joe Perry, and ex-Guns N' Roses members Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum, and was augmented by various guest musicians.

Yahoo! Music reports The Hollywood Vampires' set featured most of the songs that appear on the new record, including the original tunes "Raise the Dead" and "Dead Drunk Friends," and covers of such classic songs as The Who's "My Generation," Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love," John Lennon's "Cold Turkey," T. Rex's "Jeepster," and The Jimi Hendrix Experience's "Manic Depression."  The latter featured guest appearances by Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello and Black Sabbath's Geezer Butler, neither of whom contributed to the album. 

Jane's Addiction singer Perry Farrell was on hand to recreate his vocal on the group's version of Harry Nilsson's "Jump into the Fire," while Cooper buddy Kesha took on "Whole Lotta Love."  In addition, longtime Who touring drummer Zak Starkey -- Ringo Starr's son -- took the stage to play on a rendition of The Who's "I'm a Boy," a tune not featured on the Hollywood Vampires album.

Near the end of the show, Kesha, Morello and Farrell returned to the stage for the group's mashup of the Copper classic "School's Out" and Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall Pt. 2."  Concert ended with a raucous medley of "Dead Drunk Friends," Cooper's "Billion Dollar Babies," The Yardbirds' "Train Kept a Rollin'" and The Rolling Stones' "Brown Sugar" and "Honky Tonk Women."

You can check out fan-shot video of several of the performances at Yahoo! Music and on YouTube.

Hollywood Vampires are scheduled to play a second show at the Roxy tonight, and also will perform at Brazil's Rock in Rio festival Thursday, September 24.

As previously reported, the Hollywood Vampires album was conceived as a tribute to the late rock stars who, along with Cooper, were members of an informal drinking club of the same name during the 1970s.  Among the many well-known musicians who lent their talents to the record were Paul McCartney, AC/DC's Brian Johnson, The Eagles' Joe Walsh, The Doors' Robby Krieger, Slash and Dave Grohl.

For more details about the project, visit

Here is the full set list of The Hollywood Vampires' first concert, according to Yahoo! Music:

"Raise the Dead"
"My Generation"
"I Got a Line"
"Cold Turkey"
"Five to One/Break On Through"
"Manic Depression"
"One/Jump into the Fire"
"Seven and Seven Is"
"Whole Lotta Love"
"I'm a Boy"
"School's Out/Another Brick in the Wall Pt. 2"
"Dead Drunk Friends/Billion Dollar Babies/Train Kept a Rollin'/Brown Sugar/Honky Tonk Women"

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Atreyu Streaming New Album, "Long Live"

Image Courtesy of Atom Splitter PRAtreyu's comeback album Long Live will at long last be released on Friday, September 18, but if you can't wait one more day, the band is streaming the entire record now on YouTube. Along with the album, Atreyu has also provided commentary for each of Long Live's 12 tracks.

If you happen to have any questions about Long Live as you listen to it, you can ask Atreyu during their Reddit Ask Me Anything session, which begins today at 3 p.m. ET.

Atreyu will kick off their headlining tour in support of Long Live with a hometown gig in Pomona, California on September 18. The tour will conclude October 12 in Norfolk, Virgina.

Long Live is Atreyu's first album since 2009's Congregation of the Damned. The band went on hiatus in 2011 before making their return in 2014 with the song "So Others May Live."

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